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Happy New Year! May 2018 be filled with God's love! 
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Welcome to LOLA!!! (organization)

Hello blog buddies! I am not feeling all that well today, this flu wants to get me ;( and since I am not doing much around here today I decided to show you some pictures of my scraproom I took for a magazine. This is the way its been for the past few months. Nothing has changed (except the hedge hogs stamps on the wall unit which I already put in the wood stamp drawer).
This is a big room with a big closet that stores a storage unit and my washer and dryer.
I organize my supplies once or twice a year. I  try to keep things together by category. For ex. I like to have all my Cuttlebug stuff together, such as dies, embossing folders, etc. in one place. I want everything that I use with my Cuttlebug right next to the machine. It took me a while to get it the way it is now but little by little, kwim ;)
I also like to organize in a way that is visible, this way I don't forget the things I have which is pretty easy to do because we are always buying new products. Most of the things I can see from my working table. Now, I do have canvas boxes that store things that are not so pretty to look at or things that would make my room look very messy. These supplies I put them in clear plastic containers (easy to see) but in the canvas boxes. (pics. below)
I organize my pattern paper by manufacturer, this is the best way imo. Holiday pp go in a different paper holder right next to all the others. My card-stock, transparencies, chipboard sheets, white printing paper, etc. I store them right under my working table in pull out carts. 1of these carts (have 3) store my scraps (separated) in a box, MS scoreboard, etc.  Again, everything together where I need it. 
I decided to put all my albums (except the minis) in the 8 cube expedit because is the 1st thing you see when you come in and it looks neater. I store my flowers in glass containers. I dont use them as much anymore (unless a special project or something) I just much rather make my own by using a die or cutting them on the Silhouette.
Last year I decided to arrange my Clip-It-Up for my Papertrey Ink dies/stamps (new obsession), clings, Whiff of Joy & Greeting Farm stamps. The 2nd tier has Ali Edwards stamps & some Ki Memory yumminess that I will put on the embellishment boxes when I fill that part up (looks too pretty to put away now :)
The only thing that will be changing this week or next is the glass that my hubby sent to be made. He has a friend who makes the best (glass) fish tanks ever, the guy is a genius and does beautiful things with glass (well-known too) so he is making me a glass for my table (now please dont think this is the glass of the British Royalty, he is charging us for $50) for 2 reasons: 1- I've noticed for a long time that when I scrap I have to put my layout on the white part of the table and like to look at my layout and not my layout and the pink or craft mat. So I am usually scrapping in a little section, what is that!  2- I don't want to ruin my pretty and very much discontinued table. The other day I almost poke a hole thru! Since I like to be in my white space I didn't realize it and with my paper piercer I almost ruin my table. I am using a lot more stamps & inks now so I want to avoid a hole or permanent ink so I'll have a glass soon. Hope reflection is not so bad and I can continue with my "tutorials" hahahahaa.
Ribbons are stored the same way (pic below) as before. I have 2 canvas boxes.  I do put my Papertrey ink ( you can only see 1 row of 2) separate because I use it more than any other and I just cut them right off the wall.
I have my inks in 1 of those 4 drawer cubes you see in front of my island. I have my distress inks in 1, cats & Papertrey in another, etc. This way I can pull my drawer out to my working table and put it right back when I finish. I find it easier for me this way.
One side of the island has my Cricut Cartridges and the other one has stamping things like wipes, acrylic blocks inside a plastic box, Prism color pencils, Memento markers, Zig pens, Hero Arts cards/envelopes, Martha Stewart holiday treat bags & Scrapbook Idea books that I love. 
My punches are all in drawers right under my Clip it up. My wood stamps are also stored in drawers on my Lack furniture. 

My clear stamps all in a binder and 2 boxes from Ikea as well as my foam stamps. Again everything together. I have baskets just for all my Ki Memories. I *love* Ki Memories. All my Bind it All things are together, etc...You get the idea.

This space is functional to me because I keep all my supplies together, the room is organized and clean. Being organized is key  to pretty much anything in life...unless you get paid tons of $ to destroy and trash things, ha!
I wanted a colorful, fun *and functional* room. I chose my colors after I saw the colors on the ribbon of the Lola collection by Ki Memories. That is why my room (and my iPad) are named Lola. HA!
Feel free to ask me anything on the comment section. Thanks for stopping by :)
Have a great weekend!!!