Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Life is amazing!!!!! Praise the LORD Yahshua!

Joyyyyyy...unspeakable joy!!!!It's all I can say!!!
Does anyone still passes by? I certainly don't, beloved. Not much time for anything now days. Still following more than ever and madly and crazy in love with my LORD Jesus! Oh how I have learned! Oh how I have spent countless hours devouring His Word!!! Oh the wonderful teachers of the Word the LORD has put in my path to truly know His Word. Oh the wonderful brothers and sisters in our church. Oh how we have all become a family, Oh how much love for all of them! Oh the wonderful works the LORD has trusted me with and what a courage He has given me to be able to do it. Oh His plans for my family and I were and are way better than I ever thought. What a wonderful 40th year! How truly blessed to feel our lives is not ours but it belongs to the Creator of this universe who thought of us from before the foundations of the world. Oh what an honor to call Jesus my Savior, my LORD, my everything! Surely we had 1 or 2 not so good situation this year but what an outcome! How we are able to see the blessings and the purpose and the plan of GOD which is always PERFECT! What a privilege to be used by Him! 
Anyway, I hope everyone has an amazing December full of joy but most of all the "shalom" that only comes from the LORD. This word people always say it means peace. Oh how I wish that you would dig in deep in the Scriptures to find the true meanings (plural) of that amazing word. 
"Peace I leave to you; my peace I give to you, not according as the world doth give do I give to you..." John 14 (YLT) 
2015 Tree (oops i forgot to take a pic w skirt)
Mia's Christmas cards for friends 

So much love 
hanging out in our son's room...Super Mario!

spring pics

Amazing young man of GOD. Thankful.

She is a princess of GOD. She has some amazing stories about
Jesus, and their time together. Powerful stuff!

Still silly and still love having fun! Young forever!
I am eternal

She melts me :)

Well... someone is using those supplies around

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