Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy Summer!

Hello people! Are you still there? Phew! So many awesome things have happened since I last stopped by here but I try to keep the personal stuff to the minimum :) BUT I have done some crafty things :)

I had this idea of teapot and teacups stacked up so I got my Cameo working one night and did a wall decor for my daughter. I attached 2 pretty brads thru some ribbon from PTI to be able to hang it on her wall. 

I did 2 layouts not too long ago. The 2nd one (Mia) looks much better irl. Its super colorful and happy just like my little princess :) and since I love making these rosettes (Mia calls them lollipops) I made a few more and created this other layout of my munchkins together. They love each other so much. They are always hugging and playing together. Sooo gorgeous :)

Anyway, I *can* tell you that we welcomed a boy in our family on June 6. His name is Jake Daniel and he is the cutest and most loving miniature doxie in puppy history!!!  Cant wait to scrap him!!! LOL LOL!!!

Have a blessed summer!!!


motherbear said...

Oh How I have missed your pictures of those 2 beauitful babies they r wonderful. I love her Mias hair. I can not believe how much that boy have grown. Love the teacups they r pretty.

Bobbie In Tennessee

The6ofusinca said...

Oh my word! JD is precious! I want to kiss his little face!!!
I love that teacup wall hanging and your children look so grown up :( Why does it happen so quick!??! sigh!

Blessings to you all!

Mrs. DeMeo's BlogSpot said...

Dayi! OMG Baby is so cute!
Can you tell me more about the size of your island in the scrap room? I am designing one and I was thinking 4x3 was a good size (but was wondering about your size) or if it moves and/or where did you get it? so many questions!!!lol

Evethmoon Crafty Creations said...

Oh My Dayi, I can see I have missed a lot of your post. I myself have been gone from my blog for a while while I took some Art classes. I have been making my way around all the blogs. I love the teacups wall hanging and the layouts of your kids are beautiful. God bless your family. Hugs!

Dayami said...

thank you, sweet ladies :)

My island was sold years ago at Pier 1 Imports. Its 27in d, 53 L, 36 H. Have fun designing yours :)