Friday, April 26, 2013

Haul...and more :)

I wanted to show you some cards I've done lately using Copics. I love those things! I got not too long ago the ones I was missing (about 5-6) and I bought my 1st refills from Ellen Hudson, most in the E family (6 in total) and the R20 (which I dont even know why I bought it because I only use that for cheeks), as well as Hero Arts shadow/midtone inks. There has been a bit more activity in my craft room lately (definitely not enough), I think its because this time of year is a bit busier with things in school and it is so much fun creating things for Mia's class. Imagine 8 beautiful princesses and 1 prince, ha!!! 

1st card: One of the moms in kids school is prego w/ 3rd...I need to cheer her up :)
2nd card: I was just playing with the new Hero Arts inks and the Paper Trey Ink die &
stamp when I see that the stamp says the word, 'suddenly'.  I had been asking the Lord (about 3 years) for a specific thing to happen suddenly and it caught my attention. I mentioned to a friend what I have been asking Him and she says, 'suddenly' and again that word spoke to me. 
Well...suddenly lots of amazing things have happened. The Lord is sooo good. The most awesome thing for us as a family is that hubby is now working 9 minutes from home and is back by 5:30 sooo super excited and blessed! Thank You, Jesus! So anyway, I created a card right then and there after staring at the word for a few seconds. I just love when the Lord speaks :)

I also created a super simple quick card for hubby's bday (cash to buy some fish and Coca-Cola, ha!). btw he loved it :)

I created this little flower vase for my daughter's tea table. I just went on and on cutting flowers...I may do another one with smaller flowers though and this looks much cuter irl.
So then I see my favorite scrapbooker creating something sooo adorable and I knew I had to get the supplies to make something similar for Mia's end of the school party which will be here, Lord permitting.  So here are the few things I bought :)

Because I have been out of the loop since like forever I am not really sure what is out there and stuff so I bought the Sizzix vase and bought the Big Shot because this die would not go thru the Cuttlebug with the clear plates...little did I know that Cuttlebug has special clear plates now that allows you to use this type of die with the Cuttlebug but I had already bought the Big Shot and long clear plates for it. It is a much smoother machine than the Cuttlebug, I think :)

Then I got some dies and some stamps, Neenah paper for my Copics and my new favorite cardstock: WOODGRAIN!! Love :)

So that is what I have for today :)  Gonna go get ready, kids are having a pool party after school :)

See you soon :)


Louise B said...

Love the cards and your new goodies. The flowers are so pretty. My daughter would love them.

Pallavi said...

Omg your cards are super duper cute!! I missed reading your blog :) Love your goodies too..have a wonderful weekend xoxo hugs

JennyKozar said...

your cards are beautiful!

The6ofusinca said...

ooooh I swoon your haul but the Coke a cola is near and dear to my heart!!! hahah! I soooo love Coke!
Hope he had a fabulous birthday and your card was adorable!