Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Is someone still here?

One day I will write what I have been up to, ha! I've been busy and dont have much time to be in my scraproom but summer is coming and I can only assume I will get to come in here, right? Ha!!
Boast not thyself of tomorrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth. Proverbs 27
So I am working on (2) little brag books for my son's teacher, hopefully when I check on my inbox I will see the pictures I need in a file so I can finish it before Mother's Day. (Here is a little picture-Cover is not finished either.)

On a more personal note, we've been busy getting our backyard (and front too) ready for the summer. Its been fun and the kiddos are having a blast with Georgina. The lady that owns the nursery has a little monkey, one of those you see at the fairs and take your money after they take off their hat. Those! Sooo cute!! Georgina wears a tiny, tiny diaper too! LOL! hilarious! 

Speaking of plants, I have quite a collection of orchids now (inside and outside) and they are massive! One of my older phalaenopsis gave me around 40 blooms! And its absolutely amazing. It is still massive although she lost about 8-9 already (she bloomed in January and its still beautiful). Check out this beautiful yellow one, this one is new and its is gorgeous. Notice she has more buds ready to bloom. So beautiful!

My gardenia is giving me flowers like this one all the time. I cut them and put them on my kitchen window and the scent is unbelievable. 

I have been spending time outside in backyard. This was one morning some time last week. I was singing to the Lord and I wanted to capture my view. That day I was loving Psalm 18. I feel so blessed. I also wanted to capture that so while I waited for my kiddos I decided to take a few shots of myself :) hey! that never happens! :)

Anyway, hope everyone that sees this has a great and blessed week. 

Remember: Yahweh's (GOD) goal is not for you to be happy is for you to be holy. 

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JennyKozar said...

AMEN! Thanks for sharing -- this is too true.