Sunday, February 3, 2013

2 Cards and Haul :)

Hello beautiful people! 
This past Friday the kids didn't have school and so I decided to make it a day of scrapbooking in my room. I should have done the last 3 layouts for my Month in Review album but I was in the mood to use this stamp that I bought a few months ago. I really just wanted to practice with my Copics and after I had finished I said, "well, thats not bad at all, ha!" and decided to go further and make a card. 
I didn't know what to do, it had been sooo long so I grabbed one of the cards I had done (excuse me, LIFTED from Nichol Magouirk) and went from there (you are able to see the inspiration card in 1 of the pics below). I was having so much fun with this card. I used some of the supplies I had been wanting to use like my edge die from PaperTrey Ink that I bought last year and my brand new button stamps & die. I absolutely loved playing with these buttons!  I made the card thinking of a friend thats expecting a baby, don't know if its a girl or not but just in case its done :)  

I went ahead and got some goodies from PaperTreyInk, I needed something to push me to start creating again. So I got a few things that I wanted. I still want some other goodies which I'll get soon by the Will of Yahweh. 

Okay, so I made another card. This time I did something that I learned back in 2006 when I was invited to go to CHA in Las Vegas by the paper company I used to design for. It's a card that opens up to reveal the message inside. This card is 6x7 but you can make it smaller of course, I just wanted it nice and big for this little red haired girl we know. Loved creating this card too. I will do another one for my son since this year he has been on the Principal's honor roll and we are just so proud of him :)

Okay and to finish this post I will share what happened a few days ago. I woke up and noticed that the shelf with all my pattern papers had given in and all my paper holders had fallen *neatly* and so I left it all there for a few days. Yes, the more patient me can handle that, ha! Hubby came and took the shelf off (we thought it had broke/scratched the actual furniture (Lack) but no, it was perfect. But I couldn't use it. So we went to IKEA to buy another one (I really like this piece) and found they no longer make them :( so I was like, WHAT! (not so patiently, ha!) but I found another piece that I absolutely LOVE and here it is. I love that I am actually able to clean under. It has a super cute backing that matches with my island perfectly. I was going to give away my Lack piece but I said, what if this cheap looking piece from Target or Michaels (dont remember now) fits in there, and it did! So thats what I did. It fits perfectly in the room and its great. (The chair to the left does not really go there) So happy to have that extra piece in the room storing my things and because I got to keep the Lack piece :)
So anyway, be back with more soon :)

Give your life to Yeshua HaMashiach. 

PS I did finish my December 2012 album in 2 days. I'll share that next time :) 


Louise B said...

The cards look so pretty and the unit looks great. Love you craft room too.

The6ofusinca said...

awww, love your posts, love those cards and congrats to Cristian for the principals honer roll! WOW! That's just awesome!
I love how your room turned out, it's not fun going back to Ikea and finding they don't sell whet they use to :( but this really worked out great for you! God is good ALWAYS!

Dayami said...

Thank you sweets!!!
Hugs :)

Amen! The Lord is GOOD!!!!

Tamika said...

Awesome space!!!