Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy 2013!!!

Hello beautiful people!

Are you still there? Hopefully you are. I know its been a loonnngggg time but I have been busy. Lets just say I took an INTENSE "course" and life totally changed for me/us. I dont remember if I mentioned this on my previous post but I have not had any desire at all whatsoever to scrapbook. I am telling you, its been intense, HA!!! 
Anyway, I have not finished my Month in Review album for 2012. I *still* need to finish my Oct, Nov & Dec... it really has been INTENSE!! I can say this over and over again :)

Lets talk December Daily.  I tried getting my album ready like a day before Dec 1(not a good idea) never happened. I came in here to start my album but I was just not into it at all!  I got around it like at the beginning of Jan. or something like that, I did the cover (have to remove the word *daily*) and some pages in there. This album is a bit different than my previous because it will not be a daily, it is more like everything that was happening to us, what I was experiencing thru that month, all the changes that have occurred and of course my favorite pictures. So here is a picture of the cover :)

Remember my Thanksgiving canvas? It came out so cute. I dont have a picture of the whole thing now (hmm I dont know why, I thought I did) but you get an idea with this one. It says 'Give Thanks Everyday'. I cut the scale with the Silhouette and the clock inside was a print from Google. Doesn't it look real?
I had not bought any supplies either BUT I purchased some things on PTI an hour ago, I want to see if that helps get my mojo going, if not, I'll have to consider get rid of everything. 
Speaking of getting rid of stuff, I got rid of everything Christmas (except the trees stuff). I will be making a white Christmas from now on. Yep, I am into that woodsy style now. I did buy some yummy stuff after Christmas. and I bought 3 beautiful wreaths. Here is a picture of one of them. All those roses are made of wood. Isn't it beautiful? Love it! 

Anyway, I'll be back soon...this time I can almost guarantee it because I plan on scrapbooking tomorrow all day :)

Have a blessed long weekend :) and always remember the King of this entire universe loves you. I love you, Yeshua!


Evelyn R Stamperly said...

Hey you, how are you. Hope all is well. Well I happy to see you doing fine, thanks to our lord. I'm looking forward to your lay outs. have fun

The6ofusinca said...

Hmmm.....I'm curious how your day of scrapbooking turned out.... lol! When God convicts your heart, there is really nothing you can do, just enjoy the ride and enjoy His love and knowledge He is giving you.
Yes, that clock does look so real, I thought, "How and where did she get that scale!!?" lol!
Great work sweetie pie!!!
I have missed your posts but God's will is more important then scrapbooking, and if He fits it into yourlife, then great, if not, then He has better and more important things for you to do and accomplish.
xoxo Agape

Dayami said...

Hi Evelyn!!! How are you, sweetie? Sending you hugs :)

Hey you, my sweet Jen!!!
LOL you know me so much ahahhaah And you are absolutely right!!! Loving conviction :)

I just posted a new blog post and I was amazed at the length of it, lol and how I have accomplished so much ahahahah you know what I mean!!!
Agape my sweets!!!
xoxo :)