Friday, November 30, 2012

Im HOME!!! LOL :)

Well, this definitely feels like I went on a very long vacation and am just getting home, ha!

I have got to let you know that I have been on bigger, wait! MUCH MUCH BIGGER AND BETTER THINGS!!! I won't get into personal stuff here but if you are a friend on FB then you would know that it has been INTENSE to say the least :) but Oh how I PRAISE THE LORD for His Amazing and constant Love and Mercy towards us.

The truth is I have got to make a very big effort to make it to the blog tonight. Now don't get me wrong, I appreciate everyone that takes the time to pass by but since October I have been consumed by some really amazing things! 

Anyway, back to the SCRAP-ROOM, I have not done my October (and November) MIR but I did my photo collage :). Hopefully this weekend I get around it. BUT I am starting to prepare TONIGHT for my December Daily. I was not going to even attempt to do one this year but like I said above I had to push myself hard. This is why my album this year is going to be the American Crafts 6x6. I am happy with the size and I have plans for inserts/tags just like my 2011 album. I have had all my supplies for monthssss so thats good because I have not been to 2peas/papertreyink/blogs for ever!!! I have no idea whats new or what is the latest trend (not that I have ever really cared) and I just want something very simple this year. 

I was going to post a picture but I apparently ran out of space? haahhaahahah What is going? No clue!!! LOL

Anyway, Have a FABULOUS and BLESSED weekend!!!
Jesus loves you!!! :)

PS BTW I did finish my Thanksgiving project below...the scale came out sooo super cute!!! I'll try putting a picture after I figure out: the monthly membership for more space? Whatever that is! LOL  FELIZ!!!


The6ofusinca said...

Funny how we get closer to God He puts whats most important for us and what we thought was important falls to the waist side :O)
God is amazing and there is no doubt He is moving and working in you!
May the Holy Spirit continue to guide you and lead you to His will and grace!
I have things for DD and have no importance to try it this year....But I am gonna PUSH super hard and ask God to help me! lol!
Blessings my sweet Dayi and thank you for this Fun Friday post!

Dayami said...

Amen!!!!! Praise the Lord! Jen! You sure KNOW my sweets!!! Its just UNBELIEVABLE AND I JUST CANNOT WAIT!!!!!
And yes, I understand COMPLETELY about "push super hard"! It just amazes me how we are being connected!!! Its A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!!!!!


Valrico3 said...

Welcome back!!
Missed your posts.
I'm doing a December Daily this year because YOU inspired me last year.
God Bless!

Evethmoon Crafty Creations said...

I'm so happy I passed by and read your post. I have been feeling BLAH lately but I love your inspirational post, it is so true that God knows what each and everyone of us needs and deserves and he moves us in that direction. So what, if a few things take longer or fall behind, we are following our hearts and that's what counts! God bless you in whatever you decide to do. Hugs always Wanda