Friday, September 14, 2012

Month in Review: August :)

Hello beautiful people! It's been a long time. Well, with our kids' new schedules (both have different times) its been a little busy but just this week is when we finally figure out what to do! My princess started school and she is loving every second of it and learning so much :) On Fridays she now gets to stay 'til 3pm just like my boy and that gives me a whole day by myself TO SCRAP!!! Finally!  LOL Sooo super happy about that. Thank you, Jesus!!! 

Last week I received a very beautiful & happy mail from my super sweets! Lori, sent me a box full of goodies and I was so grateful that she took the time and carefully picked things that she knows I love. Thank you, my beautiful sweet Lori :)

I was already working on my month in review but I decided to put it to the side for another layout and challenge myself to use at least 90% of the goodies she sent me. And I did! 

So here is a picture of it. Hope you like :)

Have a wonderful, BLESSED weekend 2 all!

Ps A picture of my goodies and a layout I did of my hubby with our munchkins :)


The6ofusinca said...

awww!!! Yes, I do love me some Friday posts from Dayami!! :O)
What a great September layout! I LOVE every part of it! I adore those flowers you used! :O) and the word "welcome" is perfect!
What a sweet sweet loving package! thank you for sharing!
Yeay to your mommy time! :O) I think about you when I drop off my little Olivia at kindergarten....should I go walk....?? or go have coffee with my sweetie? or read my devotional??? heheh!! It's nice God gives us a little ME time. :O)
Blessings to you and your family, have a wonderfully blessed weekend!

DomesticDiva said...

I am so happy my sweets that you were able to use these things and make such a pretty layout:) can you believe I still haven't made my Aug in review and now Sept is coming to an end?!?! How can that be??? Make it stop!!!!!! Ahhahahahaa!!! Love you! ~Lori~