Monday, August 20, 2012

Hello my sweets!!!!

Well, hello my awesome blogger friends! I hope everyone is having a wonderful August and I hope those kids are back to school so you can all relax, ha! 
My kiddos start Monday (haaaaallelujah!), yes, my little princess starts pre-k3 with my boy and she is sooo happy...and mommy is ecstatic!  Nah, I would have liked another year but I know that she needs to be in school with other kids and learning. She is so smart and very bright so I decided it was time and plus its time for me to get my life back. It's been a journey since I had her so its time, baby! 

Anyway, I have here 2 layouts for you to see.  The 2nd one is a Thanksgiving layout I had been wanting to do but I couldn't post a picture of the whole layout because they were coming out terrible to the light and I still have my blurry camera. We are thinking of purchasing a new one better. We'll see. I'll need to see whats out there. 
Fun & Happy Times layout has the light too but you can still see the layout. The top part of the strip (colored stamped words) was inspired on a Nichol stamping class I bought.   

Give Thanks layout looks much better irl...AND when you look at the whole layout, HA! You'll get the idea though. I put a strip of photos right under the title. I did fix the bottom strip cause I had cut half of hubby's face, oops! My favorite part of layouts like this one is always the journaling. I **love** lots of journaling. I start typing and will not stop until the end. I want my thoughts to go down exactly how I think them, kwim? Thats how I post here too. Many times you'll find errors but I dont mind, I cant speak Spanish well, let alone English, hahahahhahahah!!!! 

Dont forget to click on pictures to see bigger and better :)

I'll be back soon. Leave me a comment :) Love reading those!
God bless you all!


Arlene said...

Beautiful layouts Dayami! Best of luck to your little princess on her first day of school and of course to your handsome little boy as well. Lovely layouts...miss your videos!

janet said...

Love the layouts too- I always look for your stamping because you and I both love our Nichol....ha!

Good luck with your little one off to school. We homeschool here so my little one (a 10th grader) is still home with me. Wouldn't want it any other way.

What will I do when she is off at college? lol....

Thanks sharing once again, Have a GREAT, AWESOME, BLESSED week.

Jojorenee said...

Great layouts seeing the chicken is making me hungry!

DomesticDiva said...

Yay!!! A blog post woohooo!! That is what you can do with all that free time you have now hehehe ;) blog blog Blog.. No I'm not selfish ;) anywhooo, I love the fun times layout especially the way you used two pics of that size. I have been doing 8x10 layout style for so long now that I will look forward to making some the way you did in this one! I have been uploading previous pics from Halloween & other holidays as well so it is nice to see you scrapping some of those older memories.. The older pics are my favorites right now. I guess I just see how fast time is flying by & I don't want thosr memories to get lost. I hope you enjoy getting a little of your life back! It is hard to find time for yourself when you give completely to your family so I hope you enjoy every second of it!!! Keep these beautiful inspiring layouts coming:) love you!! Xoxo

Evethmoon Crafty Creations said...

Oh Dayami, lots of blessings for Mia starting school (this will be a new journey for her). Your handsome little guy is growing God bless him. I love love love your Thanks giving layout with lots of Pictures and journaling. I love the way you capture the moment when you journal, Your album must be full of wonderful moments like this. TFS Hugs

Dayami said...

ooooh comments!
Arlene, thank you so much! I have done 2 videos and 1 of them was supposed to be posted but it was taking so looonnnngggggggggg to upload I just took it out. I'll trim it so its not that long and post it. Its about a day I took my little ones to Miami Seaquarium and I have a short one that I forgot to post. Lets see if I make my next post a vlog instead :)

Hi Janet!
You are one of the those powerful mommies! Awesome! I couldn't do it...and when I say couldnt I mean literally. 2010 & 2011 I was practically unable to walk due to stress so I KNOW I couldnt do it without Holy intervention. Luckily my kids go to a very very very small Christian school...its tiny, so it is like homeschool away from home, ha! And yes, I love Nichol although I havent been a regular on her for the past 3-4 months ;( but I plan on catching up soon.

Thank you Renee! and btw those are turkeys not chicken ahahahahahah hugs ;)

My sweets!!!! thank you! I used to ONLY do 8x5x11 layouts and I loved it BUT since I got into the Kerri Bradford collages templates I have been drawn to 12x12 something I NEVER thought possible. And yes, the pics are big (5x7)
love you!

Eve! Thank you!!! you always make me smile. thank you for that.
BTW did you read the journaling and my disaster? ha!