Sunday, July 1, 2012

Christmas in July...

...and this reminds me of OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD.
Hello friends! Today I am here to talk about something that my family and I have been involved in for a few years now. This ministry not only blesses God, His children all over the world but it also blesses you beyond comprehension. I can guarantee you when you make 1 of these boxes you will feel the Presence of the Lord with you through out this amazing experience. From the time you go to pick up the little toys, etc. to the very last second when you drop off the box at a local church. It is simply amazing. 

I know that some of you have done this and I know that you know what I'm talking about and this post is to encourage you to do it again this year. But in this post I'm really hoping to speak to those who have never done it. And that is OK. We all start at one point in our lives. It is never too late.  We are actually demanded to do it. The Bible shows a conversation in John 21:15 between Jesus and Simon where Jesus asked him- "Simon, do you truly love me?" and Simon answers, "Yes Lord, you know that I love you." and Jesus said, "Take care of my sheep." 

Now, I know that this economy has smashed, crushed, slapped, kicked and tossed everyone of us BUT God ALWAYS provides. Always. Why? Because He is faithful to those who believe in Him. The Word of God says in Luke 12:48 -'To whom much is given, much is required.'  Have you stopped to think/count your blessings? I bet you cannot count them all. 

So here is what I would love for you to do:  It's SUMMERTIME, YES!  Why don't we all pick a day this month to prepare one box. Highlight it on your calendar. It's one shoe box. Just one. These shoe boxes are sold in stores everywhere for $1. You might even have them. Target has them too. I buy plastic ones so that the children can continue to use it for something else. Churches will give you one too (cardboard). You might be asking yourself, "Isn't it too early for this?" My answer is: NO. The truth is that we are like very busy bees. Life, kids, chores & everything else sucks us up so if we leave it for later it may never happen, especially during the holidays. That is why I am letting you now so that you can make it a fun, summer day activity for you and your kids.

You will need to choose what age group you would like to do. For ex. 2-4years old. You would then try to fill that box with as many goodies as you can. There are a few things that you can not put in the box, such as chocolates, medicines, etc., I will provide that to you down below. I look at the box and I approach it as if I was a kid that age, so I fill it with toys. I have gotten very creative and have been able to fit tons of stuff in them. Last year I found in Target these super cute Disney plastic cups with lid & straw but inside was filled with Hot Wheel cars. I take everything out of the box so that I am able to fit lots of things. 
This is just a suggestion. You send what you can and what the Lord puts in your heart. There are many REAL stories I can tell you from this amazing ministry. One of my favorites is the one that the lady didn't have much to send but she was faithful to God and sent a pair of sneakers. She prayed over the box (more on that later) and sent it out. Well, the box ended in a boy's hands. A boy that all he wanted was a pair of shoes because the only shoes he had had holes in them. And it was the perfect fit! God has a way to make things like this happen to glorify His Kingdom.

When you have your box filled you close it shut and you may put some thick rubber bands around it to protect the content. You will need to tape down one of these stickers and your box is ready to bless a child this Christmas. 

After your box is ready you will then do the most important thing. PRAY. You can gather your kids/family/friends or just yourself and pray over the box.  Pray for the team of volunteers so they can reach their destination safely and ask God that this special box you have created falls into the hands of the child that needs it most. 

Thank you so much for reading. I pray that God open up your spiritual eyes so that you can see the things that cannot be seeing with our own. 
Thank you in advance for your box. GOD BLESS YOU, friend.
Here is a video for you.
More *clickable* information: 



Last but not least I will be enrolling to volunteer this year, hopefully as a missionary. Pray for me. Thank you :)


Jojorenee said...

Wow that's wonderful. I have to read all the details over I would certainly like to try and get this done.

Dayami said...

THANK YOU!!! I'll post pics soon from our adventure :)

Evethmoon Crafty Creations said...

It is truly amazing to see people come together in such a wonderful way. God gives us so much. Why not serve him in these small way and fill a box to light up a child eye's come Christmas time or any time. I'm always donating to the church, but this is something new and beautiful to start a yearly tradition, it will also benefit to teach children the act of kindness to those less fortunate. Thanks for posting.

Dayami said...

Thank you, sweets! This is what my post is about. I was inspired in church but I could have easily been inspired on a blog and if this post inspires one person it would have been worth it.
Hugs to both of you!

Craftymv said...

I'm new to your blog. I came over from Teri's. I would love to do this definitely, I have so much to be grateful for , I thank God everyday. I would like to do a box for a boy and a box for a girl. I'm new to this how would I go about doing this?

Dayami said...

Hi Crafty :)

Soo awesome of you to want to do this. God will triple it NO DOUBT in my mind. Well, the 1st thing I'd recommend you do is think about the age groups you want to do and 2nd go get your boxes & goodies.
Then email me at