Saturday, June 2, 2012


Okay, so how happy am I right now?! ECSTATIC!!! Senkiuuu, ha! 
This is part of my Penny Black haul madness. These I ordered directly from I have been wanting to buy these little hedgehogs for quite some time now and I would either always say "next time" or I would just forget. So the other day I went on a Copic better prize hunt (more on that later) and landed on these cuties again and I couldn't resist.  Im not sure if all these are new/old or mix but I do know that the one on the hammock is new. Thats the 1st one I saw and I just loved it. My favorite scrapbooker Nichol did a card with it like a day or 2 after I ordered it and I had to pick up my jaw when I saw what she did with it.
The Christmas one is absolutely adorable. You are able to print the beautiful sky w moon so I *think* with this stamp I'll need to use masking tape (this is awesome, if you like stamping, you need this!) so I can do the back with distressed inks because I dont think I'll want to color all that with Copics. Not sure.  Im still waiting for 2 stamp sets also from Penny Black. I should be getting them this week. I got them on ebay and I put a picture here so you can see them. Sooo cute!



WildFlowerGarden-Henry Nativity Scene
So I also ordered these 2 stamps. The beautiful flower stamp set is from Hero Arts and this super cute mouse is from Whiff of Joy. I LOVE their stamps and this 1 is Henry the mouse putting his Nativity scene, how cute is that!
So lets talk COPIC: So I went on a hunt for cheap prizes and I didn't find anything better than our local online store Scrapyland so I ordered all the Copics I needed to finish the collection. The most I needed were the RVs or BGs, I needed 6 of them but it adds up so in total I got 31 Copics. YEP, I FINISHED THE COLLECTION, YIIPIIEEE! I should be getting those next Friday.  And after I receive that I will not be buying ANYTHING else for a while...for a whiiiillleeeeeeeeeee. Thank God I have bought quite a few things lately to be entertained summer and fall, ha! Anyway, off to play with some of these babies :) HAVE A BLESSED WEEKEND TO ALL!


The6ofusinca said...

Great Dayi!!!! Looks like you will have a fun and crafty summer and fall!!!! After my two babies graduation parties this week I'm diving back into Project Life!! :O)
And then VBS!! WUUUWHOOO!!!! Pray my Kira and I have enough energy to keep up with these wonderful kids!!


Evethmoon Crafty Creations said...

So glad you have some goodies for this summer. The Hedgehog stamps are super cute. I have been looking at these same stamps for a while, I have not purchased any yet. my son got to play with two real Hedgehogs when we went to visit my sister. She and her husband recently had their first baby and passed the Hedgehogs to another family member. I'm happy you finished your copic collection, I have always purchased mines from OOZAK online. I think their prices are very competitive. I can't wait to see what you do with the Hedgehog stamps, Have fun and thanks for sharing. Hugs.

Dayami said...

Jen! Im sure you'll get caught up. I have my PL from last year half way. I'll do a PL one of these years. Maybe when Mia goes to school a full day. She's starting next year but gets out at 12:20
Whats VBS?? woohooo! ahhahhaahahah

Thanks sweetie! I did I finished the collection (sketch). So cute about the hedgehogs. I just got from mailbox the other sets I was waiting for.
Send me a link to where you get them. Im sure they'll come out with 12 more this year :)
thanks :)

Evethmoon Crafty Creations said...

Dayami, there is asite with mounted and unmounted Hedgehog rubber stamps real cute( I love the one with the baseball) here is the link

Now, the copics I always purchased them here They have a regular price and a sale price, but when you register they take an additional percent off the sale price. I have bought a lot of ciao's because at 2.85 per marker I thought that was pretty cheap. I have afew sketch when they go on sale for like 4.65 per marker. In oozak they have most of the penny black stamps their too. I really like there fast shipping. Hugs.