Friday, May 18, 2012

Woohooo! It's Friday! :)

I love Fridays 'cause I know that most of us are really happy right now knowing that there is no work for the next 2 days! I don't work, well, let me say that again, I don't get a company's check at the end of the week but I work just as much as you do in my house. So love the weekends too because all 4 of us can be together. Ooh speaking of which, hubby and I have a date tomorrow and hopefully we'll have lots of those now in the summer because our babysitter is here in Miami so she let me know she'll come over when we need her. HAAAAAALLELUJAH! 
My blog will soon be up, yippie. Its *super* simple, dont expect an Ali Edward amazing site or anything remotely close but it's me! Just me, tech-y, hot pink, me, ha!

**Click on pics to see better** So here are a few things I've done. The card was made for my super awesome sweets, Lori. I call her my sweets because well, she is sweet, ha! My hubby was impressed with my Copic coloring, ha! 
The 2nd card is for another friend but I have not giving it to her yet :) I love this little angels from Whiff of Joy. The hydrangea is from Hero Arts. 

I also placed an order with because I helped the kids in my son's class make a frame for their moms for M'sDay. I bought paints and crackle medium by Martha Stewart. Teri came on a Friday night to refresh my memory on the crackle part because I never make things like this. Ever. So the next day I created another frame (picture below) for the kids to follow the "pattern" if they wanted. I did 1 for the teacher and 1 for the lady that cooks for them. That was a fun day. Actually it took 2 days. It wasnt bad 'cause there is only 9 kids in the class.  

This birdcage is from the Silhouette store. I have done 3 of them. One of them I gave to Teri in turquoise to match her scraproom. This is the one I created for me. I put lots of super pretty flowers from They look super cute.
Have I ever told you how much I LOVE my Silhouette? Oh ok, just wondering, ha!!! 


Evelyn R Stamperly said...

Hi Dayami, first let me mention I corrected your blog name. For the links,I realized I left out the lettle P lol Now for my blog I'm still working on it, but for now its
I'm thinking when I posts on someone blog I forget to logoff on AOL and should log in with my gmail. Well anyway. your card are so pretty and love the colors you chose Your freind is going to be a happy camper. Thank you again.

Louise B said...

The frame is so pretty. Love the flowers.