Monday, December 5, 2011

DecemberDaily day2

Okay, so I am a little behind on the blog but NOT on my Daily. I am actually loving this album. If you've never done something like this I highly recommend it. It's doable *IF* you prepare yourself in advance. 
The 1st thing I did was choose album & the paper company I wanted to use. I went with October Afternoon but had 2 other lines that went well with it so I decided on those 3. I put aside all the papers, embellishments, stamps, etc. I thought it would go well with the collection and went from there. I also bought extra page protectors to create pockets and such. 
I prepared my album all the way to Dec 21 so that all I have to worry about is basically the photo and journaling. Of course you'll add a few things here and there when you are working on it but you dont have to. You can always come back after Christmas to add the fun stuff but I rather just finish it the same day. 
So Day 2 for me was extra fun. I got to meet my super sweet nephew Justin. My awesome friend Monica gave birth 6 weeks ago and he is just delicious. Lucky me, I will see him again (God willing) this Wednesday. The empty tag now has private info. that I didn't want to share here. 


Teri Berrios said...

Dayi ese bebe de Monica esta BELLO!!!!! God bless him. Look at gentle with Justin.....I LOVE this page. YES I agree...December Dailies ARE very doable if you prepare yourself. I'm LOVING my daily entries and the events leading up to the magical day. Chit chat soon!! Hugs, T

Marlene said...

Thanks Dayi for all the info. I've never done one. Is it about daily things you did or just what ever you want to point out for that day. I'm so doing this next year and ofcouse prepare for it. I just saw Teri's. You guys are on a roll, gorgeous little baby and your doughter is so big, love her long hair, adorable. This is the best time for all of you that have little blessings. LOVE it. tfs


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Arlene said...

Dayi, your album is beautiful! Loving the clean look of it...very inspirational. :)

Dayami said...

Thank you to all my sweets!!! Marlene, you can do a story a day, like if you had laundry to do, or maybe something you like to write down about how you are a feeling on a specific day or you just can base it on pure Christmas things, like traditions you and your family may have. Anything at all. Just document 1 story each day. Its really nice. You'll love it.
Hugs :)

Dayami said...

Holy moly I have a big typo!!! I put JustING instead of Justin hahahahahahaah I'll fix it after I'm done w the album :)