Friday, December 2, 2011

December Daily :)

Omgosh! It's been forever! I wanted to let you know that I started my December Daily and I am totally loving it. This is my 1st time creating one of these and I can already tell this will be 1 of my favorite and most cherished albums. 
So I'll be sharing on almost a daily basis (at least that is what I plan to do :) my progress. I have already started my album and I am up to Dec 21st,  so keeping it day by day *should* be very easy, especially since its a slow month with Cristian & hubby's vacation. My awesome friend Teri is also doing hers and we are having lots of fun together talking about different ideas we have and stuff. It's always funner when a friend joins the journey. 
I'll also be sharing some pics of our Christmas decorations. This year we have 6 trees. 2 little ones (3ft) well, thats more like a plant, HA! and 3 5ft  and my 12 ft tree. Needless to say I feel like I have been decorating for a whole year!!! But I feel GREAT now! Thank you, Jesus.  

**Speaking of feeling GREAT (thanks to my Lord) to the person that is spreading rumors that I have R.A., shame on you. Who told you that I was diagnosed with anything because I sure did not? And what is worse, I told YOU about my stress situation & stuff and there you are making things up. Unbelievable. Well, actually, very believable knowing you. There are plenty of things you should be doing for yourself right now. Really, you are just too sad to even speak about.**

Anyway, back to the fun, happy me :) here are the pics. I am using a variety of companies but my papers are from October Afternoon, Jilly Bean Soup, Kraft paper from PaperTreyInk (the best one imo) & Echo Park. I am using everyone and their mother for the embellishments and I am trying (hard) not to cut on my Silhouette (title on the Intro page is a Sil. cut, ha!) because I don't want to spend more than 30 min. (including editing & printing pictures) making the 2 page spread. This album will be simple with minimum effort & almost zero techniques. Anywhooo, Hope you like :) Have a fabulous, blessed weekend :) Remember you can click on the pics to see them bigger. God Bless you ALL!!!




Teri Berrios said...

Pictures don't do justice my friend....your DD is even more spectacular in person!! You're right...journeys are always better when shared with special friends. I thank God every day for having blessed me with a friend like you. Thank you Jesus!! See you soon my friend!! Hugs, T

luvmysilhouette said...

Oh Dayami, this DD is just Beautiful...You have done an Awesome job to say the very least... I can't get anything done for trying to keep up with Our Favorite Hero Scrapbooker lol and I was worried about You too Glad You are back...Hugs and God Bless!!!

The6ofusinca said...

WOOOW~ How pretty Dayami!!! I love those embellies and the whole paper collections are YUUUUUMMMMMY!!!
I'm so thrilled to see your posts and can't wait to see your details on your DD project!
BTW- Don't even give gossipers the time of day- Some people are just sad....that's why we need to pray for them...which is trying- super super trying for me at times!!! hahaha BUt that's what Jesus would do...
Anyway, I hope you all have a beautiful and blessed Christmas and thank for taking us on your DD journey with you.
Blessings always,

Dayami said...

Thank you, ladies!!! Sending u all hugs !

DomesticDiva said...

Gorgeous my awesome friend! I love every detail.. Simple for you is still beautifulness!! I'm so glad you are feeling great & enjoying your holidays.. Thank you Jesus!! Hugs to you!!

Beebeebabs said...

Very nice thanks for sharing!

Angie said...

What a beautiful album! I think that next year I'd love to have a go at doing a daily album. I don't know if I'd do it during December. I seem to already have so many things to do in December, but maybe a daily album for a week could be a start. I look forward to seeing more of your album!

Crafting Butterfly Creations said...

I love this. I wanted to make one next year. I just learned about them. Is that a Doodle Bug Design album?