Thursday, December 8, 2011

December Daily Day 4

Hello blog friends: Here is Day 4. I have another pocket between the 2 pages. This pocket is around 6x6in and its just a fun little element to have here and there for a more interactive album I guess you can say. 
Day 4 focuses on Cristian getting in trouble and going to bed the whole day on Sunday (some times it calls for extreme measures) but I still wanted to somehow keep it Christmasy and so this title from the Silhouette store did the trick.
If you are starting or about to (Hi, Lori!) start this fun project my #1 recommendation is that you get a day to prepare most or all of your album with the basics: pics, journaling & your patterned papers.  

As you are able to tell on my last picture I have prepared my album so that I wouldn't be pulling my hairs now. I tackled this the weekend of Thanksgiving, I even did the pockets for the kids' letters for Santa. I spent about 3-4 hours cutting papers, making pockets, sewing, etc. So much fun!!!

Have a fabulous & blessed day. Hugs to all ;)


Teri Berrios said...

My friend.....estas acabando!! Your December Daily is fabulous!! Love the arrow on the side strip with the wrapped twine and that title from SIL is awesome. I love the hand written journaling on that page. Chit chat soon!! Hugs, T

luvmysilhouette said...

My Goodness Dayami your December Daily is Absolutely Awesome, Great Job!!!xoxo

DomesticDiva said...

How fabulous is this?! I must admit that after seeing your Daily that I wanted to throw mine out the window REALLY! But I did not lol! You will be proud.. I decided to just make an album so I cut down my boards to 8x8 and covered them all with paper line from my minds eye, jillibean & making memories.. I did mix it up by cutting different sizes for between my pages ect.. I bound it with my book rings and added ribbons and my title on the front I "borrowed" Teri's idea and went with "25 Days" for my cover. It's not as fancy as I would like but hey its better than nothing right?! Hehehe. This weekend I will add pics, journaling & embellishments and get up to date :) . Thanks for sharing your album my sweet friend. You are truly amazing & I hope to learn some of your awesome techniques ( sewing, making pockets ) so my next one will be even better!! I love you BIG BiG!! Hugs, Lori

Marlene said...

Just came from Teri's, OMG yours is gorgeous too. I can see all the love you're putting into this project. I love that first picture and the title super cute. Perfect for a good mom. I would of made a very bad mom, I just know I can't discipline a child. Specially during those times when the have the "cute" on.

The6ofusinca said...

Oh Dayami, I love your photos and your paper!!! What a beautiful album this is becoming!!!

PS. Poor Cristian! ....I'm sure he'll be a good boy from now on! :O)
Blessings always!