Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy (mid) August! and a GAME for a giveaway!

Hello my luvs!!! Can you believe we are almost in Fall!!! Well, believe it darlings! ha! This year is flying by and that only means that we are getting so old, well never mind. 

So, I've been creating a bit :) and getting a few goodies here and there :) 
When I had Photoshop CS2 (or4 dont remember) on my HP laptop I used to do these types of photo collages for my layouts ( i gotta take that laptop to be fixed, its brand new, ok focus!) but then I thought iPhoto has to be able to do these things, its Apple! It can do anything!  So I decided to give it a try and I did it. Well, something similar anyway. And after this layout I decided I would do more of these types of layouts so you'll see a few of these...unless I forget to take a pic., ha! 
So then I decided to add "Christmas morning" layouts to my Christmas album. I've had this album since 2002 which its the year Cristian was born. And so *that* gave me the idea to do a December Daily this year. No, I dont have that much time in my hands but what the heck, I'll give it a try.  December Daily is totally inspired by my scrapbook hero, Nichol. She is such an inspiration to me. 

So I've gotten a few things from all over the place lately, Oriental Trading, Scrapyland (a trip over there and online), Michaels, Hero Arts, Kerri Bradford (for my Silhouette) & a super sweet gift from Nichol that came thru 2peas, my favorite place :)
I finally got the paper holders I use. I get them at Oriental Trading. I had gotten 2 of the Cropper Hoppers because I had ran out of them but when Teri ordered hers I also ordered mine.
But wait! one of the coolest thing...ok the coolest! I have PHOTOSHOP again!!!! Woohoooo. Thank you, TERI for convincing me to get it again!!! 

1st trip to get Copics. Then ordered online a *few* more

Here are a few things I've done, bad lighting, its been raining (LOVE) around here almost every day. I've been having lots  of fun creating 12x12s lately. So proud of myself :)
Anyway, gotta go do my Christmas morning 2010 page, should be fun. 
Have a great weekend! 
PS I also got my print, remember THIS ? It came in this super cool envelope with lots of super cute doodles. 

PSS Remember this post?? I had forgotten to share that I lost my bet :(. I dont have 1,500 layouts BUT I do have...wanna make it a game for a giveaway?? Leave your guess on the comments :) Game ends Monday at noon (12pm) The 1st person that says the correct # OR the closest 1 to it will get the goodie :)

PSS do you see the Steelers Baby doll on the left top corner?? That is 1 of hubby's Christmas gifts. Ssshhh dont tell!!!!


Nitasha said...

Love all of the goodies you've been collecting (especially the Mister Hueys) and the layouts and cards you've shared, too! Ok, so I'm guessing that you have completed about 1325 layouts!

Damaris said...

I love the rain too, makes me not feel guilty for staying inside and scrapping!!

Love all the bright colors you use in your projects. That CC stamp of the girl holding the camera is new? I've never seen it.

Anyway, whether you did 100 or 1000, you sure did TONS!! My guess is going to be... *thinking* ...uhm... 999. lol.

x0, Damaris

jendangelo1 said...

My guess is 1195;) and I know you hear this all of the time, but I have to say, I absolutely love your scrap room! It's beautiful!!

The6ofusinca said...

oooh my word! I love those layouts Dayami!!! I love love love 12x12 but sometimes get overwhelmed with the big blank canvas kinda thing! haha! Thank you for the inspiration! I thought for sure you would have won the hubby bet! My guess would be you accomplished 2024!!! Keep up the great work, Enjoy your new cool print in your room, and blessings always!
xoxo, Jen

The6ofusinca said...

Excuse me I'm a dork! ha! My count was meant to be 1024!!! heheh!
sorry! :O)


Mercy's Pages said...

I love your coloring with the copics!!! she is a-freaking-dorable!! I am sooo glad Teri was able to get you the photoshop. The pic of Christian with the wording is sooooooo super nice. LOVE IT!! Bueno, keep on creating :) Mercy

DomesticDiva said...

Dayami, I love the collage layouts! Did you get my email Friday night? I hope it went through this time ha! Anyway, I just ordered 20 collages to start Dylans school album! I need to learn how to do those thru photoshop :( I am always so far behind hehehe.. Please be sure to post pics of your layouts ;) So happy you got some new goodies that is always fun!! Keep up the amazing work!!! My guess is 1250 beautiful layouts!! Hugs, Lori

Dayami said...

ok, bbl w the # :)
Have a great week!

Tara said...

Ok first I love seeing all your goodies! Second I NEED to remember to check out those paper holders, thanks for sharing...this is just what I need (this is starting to sound like a do to list for myself lol) and third I am in love with all your creations! TFS

Sharon said...

Love your layout and the cards you made. Super cute girl!