Friday, August 19, 2011

Cards for Olivia

 My awesome blog friends,
This is a post regarding a gorgeous little girl in need of 5 minutes of your time. Please create a fun and CHEERFUL card for her. Let's fill her hospital room with cards from all of us. Yes? YES!!!!!
Click HERE for the info.
Please send the cards to:
Cards For Olivia 
c/o Stacy Rodriguez
3122 9 1/2 Street
Rock Island, Illinois 61201

PS if you would like to post a link to your card in this post's comment I would really appreciate it :)


Stephanie said...

This is a great idea. I will make a few cards and send them over to her. Thank you for sharing this with us. Stephanie

Teri Berrios said...

I'm in my friend....count on me. You have a heart of gold girlie!! HUGS, T

Stacy said...

Thanks you so much for sharing this on your blog :)

Nitasha said...

Hi Dayi! I could not resist making a card for this cute little girl. Here is a link to the card that I made:

I don't have a ton of traffic on my humble little blog, but I put a link back to your blog so hopefully anyone who sees it will contribute a card as well. It was my pleasure to contribute to Cards for Olivia!

CricutLvr!! said...

Great idea! Glad to hear everything went well with Olivia's surgery!! Here is the link to my card...