Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Ooh how I love this weather! It makes me feel sooo cozy!!! 
Monday, July 11
Well, my blog luvs, I have been having lots of fun with my gorgeous munchkins at home, celebrating our anniversary and other fun things :) Hubby spent 10 days here and I was in heaven! Love my family so much :) I was able to take some really nice pics of them and I cant wait to scrap them. I just purchased some really nice summery titles from the SIL store. I am thinking to start right after my post. 
Anyway, hope you are all having a great week! And don't forget, Jesus loves us!
PS omg I forgot to say that my email was hacked for about 2 days! can you believe it?
I've had that email and password forever (which I know is not good) but I already fixed it and I set a day each month on my calendar to change it. So if you got *spam* from me...wasn't me!!  


Teri Berrios said...

YES mai fren......YUMMY WEATHER!!!! I LOVE IT!!! I wanted to scrap tonight but I decided to cuddle with the family instead - hee hee....we are all here on the sofa under one big blankie :) Hugs, T

Dayami said...

aaayyyyy que rico!!!! ok, im going to copy you! because all i want to do is do what you do! ahahahhaahah
have fun! the weather is soooo nice to be watching a scary movie heheheheheh

The6ofusinca said...

Awwww!!! What a precious picture!! Our weather here is hot but thank Heavens we are close to the beach so it stays a lil cooler then most places. I'm off to make some fresh blackberry cobblers for friends and family, I am smiling from ear to ear about your happy 10 days of fun with your family! :O)
Blessings always,
ps. Hackers suck! heheh!

Debbie said...

The weather has been fabulous!!! PERFECT creating weather :)

Dayami said...

Debbie! Yes! Its sooo fabulous!!! heheheheh I am hoping we get it BAD again tonight ehehhee
Jen, how did that cobbler come out?? heheh I am about a block away from the 1st Florida Key!!! ahahahaha
No seriously ;)