Thursday, July 7, 2011

more Copics!!!

Sorry if I am showing you too much of my Copics but I need to get my mind off the things that happened today on the news. Our TV is been off since Tue. but I saw some things in Facebook I didn't like. 

So my hubby told me, lets go to Scrapyland, I really didn't feel like going (how can that be?!) but I had to get out of my house for a few hours and so under the rain (LOVING ALL THIS RAIN!!!!) we went. I was just able to get 5 because I either have them or he didn't have them. I did get the clear Spica marker and I cant wait to use them on a few of the Whiff of Joy angel stamps and use it on their wings like my inspiration girl (or my hero like Teri says ahahaha), Nichol. Im missing 2 of the 12 that were released this year and not that many from the rest so I feel really blessed about that. I'll have to show you color chart soon hehhehehe. It's a lovely thing to see :)  I actually need to purchase 1 more of the storage cubes because the 2 B's I got today don't fit on that section anymore and the same for the red. I am not missing any from the R's I wont b able to fit anymore. The E's are taking 2 cubes already. There are tons of E's I am now missing 10 of them. Those are the tones am missing the most, along with RV's 10 and YR's 8, Y's 6 the BG's 5, etc... 
Then I went to the stamp section and I saw these. I had actually seen 2 others and when I went to pay it was sold out thru the internet :( but I'll get them some other time.  The Greeting Farms are absolutely gorgeous! I love them so much! Look at this Cheeky Chat (this is for Teri ahahahhahha) she is wearing white capri jeans w a hot pink top w her long beautiful hair. She is so cute! And Luka, he reminds me of my son and how much he loves to play with his cars and trucks.
So anywayyy, thanks for stopping by and remember Jesus loves you!
Hugs :0)


Teri Berrios said...

Amiga your copic collection is to die for!!!!! Love your new stamps too....super cute!!! I'm so happy you went to Dani again..YAY!!! Hugs, T

DomesticDiva said...

Happy to see your tring to stay busy.. I stayed in the kitchen all day today baking :).. I'm loving all of those copics & I really need to start working on my son's kindergarten school year album! I've been tring to hold out for the Becky Higgins new school album & just maybe I'll have better luck with that album than I did with project life (ooops) LOL! I miss your videos too by the way hehehe ;) ~Lori~

Dayami said...

Thannk you, my sweets! Teri, you are welcome to them :0)
Lori, I should have bought the school year album she did a few years ago. it was really nice. im sure it'll be nicer/better this time. I want to get it too. I am starting a new one school album. I am completely finished with my son's 1st school album ( i cant believe it!)
He'll b going to another school now so it'll be great.
I'll make one soon...lets see...hmmm what am i going to talk about?? hmmmm ahahahahaah