Saturday, July 2, 2011

Caylee Marie Anthony

"Let the little children come to me, don't hinder them for to such belong the kingdom of God, truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will never enter it." And He took them in His arms and blessed them laying his hands on them.
this pic was the day before her evil mother murdered her while visiting her great grandpa at a Home.
this is where Caylee's body was thrown. her skull and almost the whole skeletonized body was found after authorities sifted the ground for days. So heartbreaking.

(Please listen to this song, it's so beautiful, "no more tears")
Well, this is a post that I had to schedule for posting because it took me a while to type although it's very short. 
Most of you do not know that when this little precious angel disappeared from her home I was a few months pregnant with my own little precious angel and I have followed (unfortunately) *daily* this story, with Nancy Grace and all the interviews and it kind of became an obsession. But who wouldn't get obsessed with this gorgeous face? She was almost 3 years old when her evil mother premeditated, killed and disposed of her in the woods to be eaten to the bones by all types of animals. After she did this horrific act she went on with her life happier than ever, partying at clubs, entering body contests, getting tattoos (Bella Vita=Beautiful life), shopping and having the time of her life. In fact the day after she killed her daughter she spent her whole entire day in bed with her boyfriend. 
Thankfully, we have a God that changed in a split second all that horror and is carrying her now in His beautiful and loving arms and she is now more alive that she ever was.
I look at my princess Mia at almost the same age and ask myself, how and why. 
As it gets closer to the verdict of this evil monster I found the need of posting this. I just pray that there is justice for Caylee. We should know the verdict by Sunday or Monday and I sadly say that I hope the punishment is the maximum.

I don't know why for the past 3 years I have always felt a connection somehow with beautiful Caylee and the 4th of July. Of course, I do know that her mother was partying big on that day while this little angel was decomposing in the woods. Ironically the evil monster's fate may be read on the 4th of July. I truly hope so. I decided that on that day I will send balloons of Winnie the Pooh with her name to the sky and I know that my dear Jesus will deliver them to her.
I love you, Caylee Marie and I will always have you in my heart.


Teri Berrios said...

This is such a sad sad story. My friend your last 2 sentences made me cry. You are a beautiful person inside and out. God bless you always!! Hugs, T

DomesticDiva said...

Oh Dayami, Bless your heart.. I have been following this story too on HLN as much as I can and my heart aches with sadness.. Caylee was a beautiful angel with a beautiful soul.. I have asked all those questions as well as. To why and how anyone could look at that precious baby and do harm to her.. However I can honestly say that her mother will pay the ultimate price for what she has done.. A price that will be much worse than what the justice system could ever do to her and I think you know what I mean.. I find comfort in knowing that our Lord was caressing Caylee in his arms at the same time her mother was harming her and comforting her from all the pain.. Let's pray for justice for Caylee and hope that when Casey is facing death her fear is multiplied.. Love you girl. Your friend ~Lori~

Kristin said...

This is a story I have been following also. It is so sad, I cry almost everytime I see the little angel. I will be watching when they sentence her mom. Justice for Caylee!!

Dayami said...

Thank you, my friends! It is truly sad. Sometimes I ask myself, why do I put myself thru this? And then I look at my little girl and I remember Caylee and I say to myself, how can I not?
Lori, may God bless you, my friend and one of my biggest prayers when it comes to this story was just answered thru you!! I spoke with God one day and I said to Him that I wanted/needed to believe that in the moment that this monster was going to take her life, in that second, in that instant, that He would have taken her 1st and that Caylee never got to see anything, that in 1 second she was here and the next next to Jesus. And He answered me thru you. Thank you!!!
Hugs my awesome buddy, Teri. God Bless you, mai fren.
Yes, Kristin I can totally understand. Absolutely JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE.
Hugs :)

Evelyn R Stamperly said...

My daughter is a foster mom. we had him for over a year. I love him so much just like one of my gand child. I pray and I ask all of you to pray with me, that this child don't ever go back with the mother. I feel if he do he wont get a chance in life. I couldn't live with that. It's so sad that no one saw the sign of this evil person that took her own child.

Scrappy Pink Corner said...

Beautiful post. Love all that you have said and all the photos. You are right about justice. We are all hoping and Praying for justice for this little angel.
Her mother will get her punishment. Our justice system will not let all of us down. I have faith in it.

Mercy's Pages said...

Ohhhhh, Dayami. Your post made me cry. When I think about how that little girl must have suffered before she died being mistreated and how that "mom" partied, I just get sooooooooo frustrated. Y ahora, the grandparents trying to defend the "mom"?!?!?! I can't even wrap my head around that. How could you possibly try to help your child if they KILLED your grandchild. I don't even understand that. I can only hope and pray that she pays for what she did with the ultimate price both here on Earth and after. I know God is not going to let this one pass by. She could have just given Caylee to her grandparents. I am sure they would have taken her in without question. Why resort to this??? SMH.

Hugs, Mercy

Marlene said...

Oh my dear, this is all my hubby and I talk about. Que lastima con esa criatura! As you know I have no children, I can't emagine anyone hurting a child OMG. I don't even want to watch today. These death penalty cases always mess with me. I so think she did it, but as a christian I'm so against the death penalty (that's
a whole new issue)that's what my hubby and I don't agree on. Pero bueno, our God will take care of her.

DomesticDiva said...

Dayami, your comment gave me chills! Praise GOD for answered prayers!!!

The6ofusinca said...

Oh Dayami, this story has broken my heart. I think my honey and I have gone through every emotion about this case. Poor beautiful Caylee. I pray God is with the jury for Caylee's sake. It seems like God has a special bond for you and Caylee. In His time you will have answers, just rest in His word and knowing caylee is in Heaven with our Jesus!!!