Thursday, June 23, 2011

Supporting iVi Scents!!!

***EDITED*** OH this is soooooo good!!! It smells DELICIOUS!!!***
 iVi Scents I've heard (and read) nothing but great things about these ALL NATURAL, NON-TOXIC bath/skin products. This awesome young lady created her company from her apartment with the last $500 in her bank account. She does say that the Lord is behind of it all and I can so understand her. So I will support her. If you would like to know more about her products do a search on youtube. Lots of beauty gurus seem to love her. 
I just ordered a few yummy thingys and I cant wait to get them, it's supposed to be here in less than 3 days. I know that if you follow her on twitter she will send you a $5 off or you can do like I did, go on her website and you will get an email with the gift. You will also get points for every dollar you spend. 
Her products are supposed to be really good and delicious so I will let you know. For her full inspirational story click HERE. I chose the Birthday Cake products :)


DomesticDiva said...

I will be sure to try this out! ~Lori~

Teri Berrios said...

Amigita...I just saw someone of Utube last night showing these products. I'm going to check it out now. What a blessing huh? God is GOOD!! Hugs, T