Friday, June 24, 2011

ScrappinFunFriday (almost Saturday if I don't hurry)! :)

Ooh!! did I just make up a new post theme for my blog on Fridays?? Hmmm lets see how long it lasts, ha!!! Why Scrapping Fun Friday? Because I am scrapping. Because I'm having so much FUN and because it's Friday! ha!
I have got to tell you my blogger buddies that honestly and truthfully the Silhouette SD is making me *very* happy.  I was talking to TERI about it and she totally gets it! For ex. Lets talk TITLES. How important are those little (or big) words on our layouts?? VERY! I bet those titles take you a long time to come up with, huh? And once you know what you want to name your page then the next ? is, do I have enough letters? Am I right?  
I would always struggle so much with them because even though I have tons of letter stickers, letter chips, etc...for some reason its always hard to find the perfect size, color, shape, etc... and if you want to make a phrase then you wouldn't have enough A's or E's, etc. or you couldn't fit it right on the page, especially me, since I love making 8.5x11 pages and it just doesn't look the same. Period. With this baby you have so many gorgeous titles, phrases, etc... and it cuts so amazing!
And for the girl that messaged me on Facebook asking me if I was going to get rid of the Cricut my answer is no. I don't *hate* my Cricut now because I have the Silhouette. I don't use my Cricut to make layouts at all. I use my Cricut to make altered items such as boxes, or maybe something I want to put on a frame or a few cards (not many), my son's school projects but not for my layouts. Actually I did a football not too long ago and I put it on a layout because I reallllyyyy needed a football on that page but that is probably the only layout I have with a Cricut cut. The Silhouette is more my style of scrapping I guess you can say.

So are 2 more layouts I did this week. 
my princess drinking juice :)
Have a great weekend!!!

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Debbie said...

LOVE the mojo you got going on with your new toy!!! I love the idea of Scrappin Fun Friday too - if you decide to do a linky party for it, I would totally participate :)

Teri Berrios said...

OH EM GEEEEE mai fren......these layouts are STUNNING!!!! I love all the little elements and your titles ROCK!!!! I'm so glad you are enjoying your machine. Happy scrappin!! Hugs, T

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Super lay-outs!

Tara said...

I love these layouts! I have missed so much on your blog while I was away!