Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Monarch Butterfly Punch

Ok, so I read the comment a blogger left me and I decided to check what she suggested and here is what I found.
I went on the Martha Stewart channel and saw how they used these double punches. To be completely honest I am disappointed by them. I really don't see the point of this punches the way they were "meant to be used" because it just doesn't work. The only way that it cuts (leaving the a few edges attached) like the video says is if you use a SUPER THIN paper but if you want to use that technique with regular card stock, you might as well forget it. And to answer whether or not this punch cuts like a regular punch, it definitely does. You just have to call your muscular boyfriend or hubby so they can punch them for you, ha!! I gave it to my husband and he was never able to do the double punch technique BUT he was able to punch it out completely. Check out this youtube video HERE to see how this youtuber used this punch.


horriblecrafter said...


I happen to come across you via youtube and I simply adore your tips and such on your blog. I have been looking everywhere for tips on projects or simply ANYTHING. I'm so new to crafts. I know very little and I do not usually comment on things, but I wanted to say thank you for what you have posted. xD

Oh and I was wondering what kind of lighting you use for your scrap room. I'm saving up for a good camera and tri pod right now. I live in an apartment with little room and a tight budget and the camera alone will clean me out for "excess splurges" and was just wondering if you use any kind of lighting or if it was natural {windows} or just regular bulbs? ^^

Dayami said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment :)
If you want to know the lighting of the videos I've done is a regular ceiling lamp I have almost under my work area (I have 2 ceiling lamp in this room because it's pretty big but 1 will do in a regular room) and a huge window that I have it closed most of the time because of the light that gets in. So the absolute best lighting in my opinion is the natural one.
Splurge in the camera its well worth it. Whenever you want to take pics of your projects put them in a bag and take them to a park or something and they will come out gorgeous :)

Evelyn R Stamperly said...

I wanted so bad to purchase that punch, now I don't know if I want it. Have you gotting any news from others say they also having problem with this particle punch.

Dayami said...

Yes Evelyn, my friend says she even thru some away. I will keep this one because I LOVE that butterfly but honesty I don't think I'll buy another of these (double) punches again.