Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I love Martha Stewart BUT....

Can someone please tell me (vent) what the heck is going on with Martha Stewart's punches?? They all seem to be defective!!! The borders I posted a few days ago are fine, it always happens to me with the single image ones. I am about to post a video on YouTube about this and if Martha calls me then I'll be like...I was just kidding, I love you!! ha!!
Anyway, I *THINK* I might be able to tell in the future which ones are more likely to give me problems IF my theory is true, which you and I know that is unlikely to happen, ha!!

So here is *MY* theory: Look at the pictures 4 & 5 (click on them so you can see them bigger). Picture 4 has a solid metal around and picture 5 has an indentation (sp?). Well, if it has the solid metal w no indentation then that punch will most likely be defective, in this case the Monarch Butterfly punch. So in *MY* experience the punches that have worked perfect has been the ones with the indentation piece (3in1butterfly).
And with this I hope I just discovered one of life's greatest mysteries!
And the last picture, well...that is just to make you jealous, ha!
BTW in case you don't know all NEW cartridges in Michaels are 34.99 so hurry up and buy! Campin' Critters and Kate's ABC are super expensive everywhere online. I've seen them on Ebay over $70 and I even saw it at $99 CCRRRaaaaZZZyyyyyyYYY!
Martha Stewart punches are 30% OFF.

Have a great week!
PS Let me know about your experiences w these punches. ;)
PSS oh and I almost forgot, I've gotten a few special order frames. I'm making one for a baby boy in Peru, a boy room one with airplanes and another boy room with fun animals. Love making these :)


DomesticDiva said...

Thank you for sharing the info about these punches.. I've been wanting to purchase these so I will be sure to only get the ones with the indention! I can't wait to go to Micheal's now for some cartridges ;)

Shauna said...

The Monarch butterfly is a double punch and does not punch out the entire butterfly. It leaves a small spot that you have to clip by hand. Because there is detail on the inside of the stamp it doesn't cut out entirely. You can google Martha Stewart double puhches and see a video. I was going to take mine back until I saw that it was supposed to do that.

Jess said...


Dayami said...
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The6ofusinca said...

Hey also Dayami I just saw on Cricut FB page that if you buy Cricut carts from Mike's 3 of them you get one free from Provo Craft.....
Details from their FB page:
Cricut - The Official Page!
If you are living in the U.S. Michaels and Provo Craft are offering a great promotion to you, too. Buy any three cartridges from Michaels and get one free from Provo Craft. Don't miss out!

Congratulations on your Etsy shop and your specialty orders!!!!

Dayami said...

Hi Jen! Yes, I saw that and used it. Lets see which one of the (poor) choices I get. Hey, at least its free, huh?
Not! I had to pay $10 shipping so I pretty much paid the cartridge ahahahahahh :oP