Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Videos & things...

Hello everyone!!! I am so excited to tell you that I learned how to *rabbit* (or speed up hehehe) my videos! I am so happy about that. Here are 2 videos I did. Yes, TWO! ha!
I started playing last night with iMovie and was able to figure out a few things and I had to give it a try so I hope you guys like it. The sound is supposed to be a song but I guess it takes long to upload or I just didn't do it right but if anything I'll figure it out.
Please watch the 2nd video, I really need to know. Thanks :0)

I went yesterday to SCRAPYLAND (the ONLY scrapbook store in Miami), he has AWESOME prices, he is really an online store but you can shop there too. I bought a *few* Copics and ONE stamp. How good was that? Well, not that good when it came to Copics, yikes! I am anxiously waiting to get my Studio 3 Solution units today. I cant wait! Which means I will FOR SURE re-arrange my entire scraproom just because of that! We never stop in our studios. Is it only me??

I'll be back later, need to post some things. THANKS :)
PS Please do not think that I am ignoring what is happening in Japan, my thoughts and prayers are with them and it's just terrible all the things that they are going thru right now. We need to remember God has a plan and we almost never understand it. Hugs ;)


Denise said...

Hello Dayi I just bought this same item which I have not used yet. I won't be happy if it does the same to me. TH items are not that cheap for it not to work correctly. I think it should staple on any kind of paper. You might want to take it back and get another one. Maybe that one is defective. Please let us know if you changed yours and if the new one works better. TFS


Dayami said...

Hi Denise, Yes, I think you are right, I forgot to say on the blog that I've seen other scrapbookers use the stapler to attach ribbons, cs & pp altogether so it must be bad. I just wanted to know what others thought. Let me know when you use yours.
Thanks :)

DomesticDiva said...

Okay.. I just went & got out my tiny attacher. It is still really new & I tried it on several different papers and cord card stock and my works perfectly.. I don't know if this makes any sense or not but it is kind of "stiff" lol! For example I don't have to shake it around or squeeze it very tight for it to work LOL! I can't keep from cracking up! So I bet you just need a new one!! From what I can tell in your video you should not have to struggle with it at all for good results!! Btw, Be sure to show pics or something of the room after you rearrange it because I LOVE your scraproom!! Did you get a new Mickey?? Have fun today!! ~Lori~

motherbear said...

it looks like you have to do it real hard. or maybe it wants to stick. my is very easy to do one hand very light pressure. take it back and show them what it is doing. hope this helps I love mine it should not be doing this. Try to staple two sheets together or a ribbon and paper too. if it is not any better TAKE IT BACK.

Jess said...

I LOVED your card video!! You should make some more often... I also agree with DomesticDiva, please show us your scraproom once you rearrange it. You shouldn't be having issues with the tiny attacher. I don't have one, but I've read reviews and people say it works perfectly. Good luck :)