Thursday, March 17, 2011


OMGosh! I just came across these!!! Aren't they adorable. You can find them HERE.
Look at that cupcake!!!

Sooo my hubby surprised me yesterday telling me that he was going to take me to get more Copics! Yippieee! So we went today :) I GOT 80 more!!! OMG! I am happy and feel so blessed to be able to have a bit more options and blendings. He says he wants to start drawing again which its going to be GREAT for my growing collection! If I was to get them all (which its very unlikely) I would still be missing about another 80, YIKES!!! But who's counting!! HA!!!

Anyway, here is my rainbow (actually a few more than the rainbow, heehehe) but you get the idea. Did I mention I got the cubbies from Studio3Solutions? I'm sure you have all seen them. They hold a ton of Copics. For ex. I am only missing 2 of the reds in the whole sketch collection and its almost to the top but it will hold those 2 if I get them. For the violets there are only like 15 of them, I'm missing 2 so there is plenty of space. So in case you're deciding on them you know how much it'll hold more or less. There are tons of the earth tones so I know that I'll need to use 2 of the squares for those, Im missing about 20 but then again this is ONLY *if* you are planning on getting them all.
So make room for the buddies!!! Here are your new friends!!!


Teri Berrios said...

WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!! LOVE all the new colors Dayi!! Those stamps are super CUTE too. xoxoxo to all! T

Damaris said...

Congrats on your new goodies. Your husband is so sweet to treat you with a copic splurge!! I have about 4-5 copics (so many that I can't keep track huh? - lol), and all I can color is skin for now. LOL. One day I will add more to my collection and get the cubbies (I keep eyeing them hoping they don't go out of business). Can't wait to make some coloring damage.


x0, Damaris

Sharon said...

Yeah I saw those stamps abut a week ago and have not stopped thinking about them LOL. They are super cute. You lucky duck with your hubby starting to color again. You'll definitely get to collect all the markers with him involved like that hehe. Just today I was going over the color wheel to see which ones I wanted to purchase next. Enjoy!