Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mini Haul!!

Hellooo Blogger friends!!!
Wanted to show you the smallest haul ever! ha!
Here are the latest punches I got from Martha Stewart collection. These are the sets. The biggest one is gorgeous! It was $32.99 and it is called Double Arch Large Punch. The other one is Ribbon Loop Punch and it was 24.99. I LOVE them both. The loop one reminds me of the Doodlebug border stickers that I use on my layouts a lot so I decided it would be good to have. I also sub'd to the Cricut magazine and it has lots of super cute ideas. I also received the Scrapbook Trends, Im not sure now if its like a special thing where they will be sending a few for the next few months or if I actually sub'd or not, don't remember.

And now the exciting part (well, the Double Arch Punch is up there w this next thing), the KATE'S ABCs CARTRIDGE!!! My super awesome friend Monica got it for me yesterday at Joann's and I was soooo happy. I had blogged about this cartridge long time ago, remember?
Its super cute and ideas are PILING in my head! ha!!
In case you don't know I just found out that if your Joann's do not have it you can get the sku # (on and they can special order it for you but you'll need to go to the store to pay it in person. So you could still get this cartridge even if your Joann is not a Super Joann or Big Joann or whatever.... I love for everyone to have new goodies so if your Joann doesn't have it, don't worry, you can still get it :0) ha! How do I know that? Because I will be special ordering another cartridge myself, heheheh!

So off I go to play with my cartridge and my ideas.
Have a great weekend...long weekend for me :0)

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Scrappy Pink Corner said...

I really like the punches, my favorite is the swirly one. Love that one. I so love that cartridge. I am going to do a layout soon.