Wednesday, March 16, 2011

******CONTEST!!! WOOHOOO!!!*******

Hello my awesome Blogger friends!!!

So guess what?!!! I have my home all to myself!!! YES!!!!!! Its just me and the noise of my fingers typing the keyboard!!! I have to write this now while it last because in about 2.5 hours I'll need my family again and then I'll be calling hubby telling him, "hurry up!", LOL!!
Now the super FUN part!!!

Who doesn't like parties?? NOONE!! Right?!! Well, my friend Debbie is having the MOST AWESOME CONTEST!! Check it out!!! You'll have a little over a week so make sure you go check it now!
The link to the contest details are HERE.
The link to her beautiful blog FULL of gorgeous ideas is HERE and guess what? She just opened her ETSY SHOP and wait 'til you see her beautiful things.

If you enter make sure you tell her that you saw it here first. Give her your name and the name that comes out when you leave a comment that way I know who it is. The people that enter the contest thru me I'll be giving them a little gift. Don't expect too much but something as an appreciation, yes? YES!!
Ok, so go check it out and GOOD LUCK!!!!


Debbie said...

Thanks girl! I can't wait to read everyone's fabulous ideas!

Damaris said...

Thanks for the referral... I will check it out. =)

x0, Damaris

Rori Koch said...

****Warning the following message turned into a book it's so long, LOL.

OMG is it really Dayami from Miami?!!?!? Girl how are you? It is Me, Rori! It has been literally years!
I've tried searching for your blog for ever. And today, miraculously I found it. I was on my OLD blog and saw one of your comments. Clicked on it. Then clicked on your name and badabing, badabang it brought me here!
I've not checked too far into your blog...the first page is it thus far. You look usual :) And OMG you have a baby girl. Yahoo I am so happy for you!! And Christian how is he. Gosh he has gotta be getting close to 9?!?!
Gosh how I've missed you and the others in the scrapbooking industry. I've been out of reach to scrapbooking for 3.5 years. But would love to get motivated back in :) I just bought some things yesterday ;)
Love your blog. Videos too. And can I say WOW I love your scraproom. I sooooooo miss mine!
I just looked at a picture of us at CHA WAYYYY back gosh maybe in 07????? You looked great.
I am glad I have located your I will check it often...and add you to my list on my new blog.
If you look you'll see some new additions to my family as well. I got a divorce. (which was another reason I disappeared from time) BUT reconnected with an old high school classmate..and have been together for almost 2 years. We have a family of "7"...just shy of "8 is enough", ROFLOL! JK.
Any how..hope to hear from you some time. Give me an email.
Many hugs and lots of love.

Dayami said...

OMG!!! RORI!!!!!!!! Of course, I remember you!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so happy to finally *see* you again. Believe it or not I've searched for you too!! (Gosh, I hope you come back to read this because I tried emailing you thru your blog but I don't see any)
Anyway, your kiddos are ADORABLE AND HUGE!!!!! And you are sooo gorgeous as always!!!!
I still have our pictures and stuff, I have 2 scrapbook pages of us!
CHA was in Jan. 2006! Can you believe that! 5 years, baby!!!
You have got to have another one, you cant stay shy of 8. There is nothing shy about us!!! lol ;)
My boy is almost 9 and my princess is 2 and she is my ham!! OMG she rules the house!! She is completely adorable!
anywhooo email me
Let me thru here when you emailed me so I can check.
Hugs and love to you, sweetie!!!
TTS :)