Monday, March 21, 2011

Awesome Spring Break week!

I had a wonderful week! Hubby was home, Cristian w no school and Mia, well, she was just being her precious self. Have I mentioned I am in love with my princess? And of course you all know how much I adore my prince.
I don't think I've shared this layout yet and I was able to do more cards and use those delicious Copics :)
Anyway, loved having hubby home with us. We had a great
time, very relaxing.
Here are a few pics.
With lots of toys in their rooms they choose to play with they things they shouldn't. Oh well, I refuse to stress out about that. ( excuse the mess). We put some of those wall sticker thingys in Mia's room. It looks so adorable, much nicer irl. Very cartoonish. This set has 2 more owls with lime green on them and they are adorable. I put those in my scraproom :)
The 1 in Mia's room is hot pink and orange but the lighting is bad here so you can really tell. I also got her THIS PILLOW.

And it's pool time! We went to ToysRus and got the kiddos some fun things for them to play in the pool such as water blasters, etc.. Mia got her own scooter, ha!

Forgot to share this photo from DonnaDowney's class a few weeks ago. I bought these from her and she signed them for me :)
And here is Annie , I totally forgot to put this picture last time and can you believe I don't have a picture of Teri and me together :( next time ;)
Have a great week!!


abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Looks like fun! Great lay-out!

Scrappy Pink Corner said...

Oye Loqui, love Mia's thingy you put up in her room. Super cute. I know what you mean about them playing with things that have no meaning. As long as they do not get hurt along the way, that is what matters. As long as kids are happy they will have fun with anything.

Denise said...

Como siempre...beautiful. Dayi I so LOVE your style. You have a BEAUTIFUL family.

Debbie said...

Fun, fun, fun. I Love the stickers in Mia's room - adorable! Your layout is beautiful.

A reminder to all of your followers - the You Design It contest ends tomorrow over at Simply Captivating Events. They can check out the link here:

Love ya!

Sharon said...

Love the stickers on Mia's room...I almost bought those last week, when looking for stuff for my scraproom, which I plan on redoing sometime in the future. Love how it looks in her room. Me and my owls together forever! HEHE looks like you guys had a blast. FUn times!