Monday, February 28, 2011

more Randomness and another VIDEO ha!

Sooo, ok let me explain a little better this "video" I did. My friend Teri created a super cute mini album using the Onesie Sizzix die (no longer available and expensive to get if you find it) and omgosh I loved it! So my friend Annie wants to make one of those minis and in this new cartridge I just got there is this super cute onesie so I wanted to show it to her.

I found a new website and I think its awesome for people that like to bake. Check out the super PRETTY BOXES to fill them with delicious homemade goods.

Have a great week!


Scrappy Pink Corner said...

You are nutso. I love the onesie. It is so cute. I am so going to buy that cart. But for now I will have Teri or you cut them out for me for the mini I want to do. I think you should have a crop at your house this friday and invite us to make the mini. LOL.
Love your tutorial by the way. SUPER CUTE AND INSPIRATIONAL. HAHAHAHA. You are so funny.

Carrie O said...

That was your cutest video yet. Thanks for the laugh today. By the way I totally understood you so maybe that means I'm nuts too.

Teri Berrios said...

Mira have made me laugh so much!!!!! Why didn't you just use the tri pod you had there on your desk??? hahahaha OMG Dayi you are to funny girl. Now that I met you yesterday, I can totally imagine your face in this video when the paper started cute!!! YES that onesie will work PERFECT for the mini!!
Hugs, T

Dayami said...
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Dayami said...

What I love about this video is my instructions, if you follow it to the T you will not make any mistakes hahahaah

When more than 1 person says "nuts, nutso or loca" right next to your name in one sentence you have GOT to pay attention! ahahahahahhahaahahah
Annie, we should definitely do that, yes either here or your house. Contra, your house has 3 stations. I'll share one with Kasi and Teri and you on the others. Actually I'll sit on the big chair senkiuuuuuu

Teri, isn't it super cute? senkiuuuuuuu

Marlene said...

Hi there Ms. Yami. I just started to follow your blog. Love your "tutorial" LOL. You are so funny! It was so nice to meet you this weekend, I can see why you and Ana are friends.

Scrappy Pink Corner said...

Oye loquis, I don't care to have it here but we want to play in your studio. You are the one with the popcorn machine, fireballs, jelly beans, and anything organic. You know that Ihave known you for years and love the way that you are. Don't let anything ever change you. This is who you are.
By the way we need to get Teri to do a class at the paper niche of an apron. I so totally want one. Don't you. Kasi will be her helper. So you have to talk to her and convince her. LOL.

DomesticDiva said...

Hahahahaha!!!! Oh my, This is my favorite FOR SURE!! I love your laugh You are the BEST!!! Keep up the good work! LOL!

Evelyn R Stamperly said...

Thank you for putting a smile in me I need it that, too cute. for those that don't have that cartri, like me lol you can watch my video on how I made my onesie Estamperly is my youtube.

Sharon said...

You are too funny Dayami. That onesie will definitely work...once it's completely cut LOL
YOu made me laugh. Too bad I didn't go to the Donna class,we would have met there. It's literally like 3 minutes from my house!

sandra said...

I hadn't been to your blog in so long. Just saw this video and just had to comment. That was hilarious!!
It's after 1am in Chicago and I'm in my room cracking up! Carcajadas!
So funny.

Tara said...

I love that you didn't edit out all your mistakes or start over. It is nice to remember we are all human. Thanks for the smile!