Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 Word: Giving

I was out on vacation for a week but that did not stop my Tivo from recording my oh so loved Martha Stewart shows. Nope. In fact, yesterday I saw one of the shows called The Giving Show and I just absolutely loved it. I have always loved watching these kinds of shows. I have seen so many of them on Oprah, people that have created something and somehow by the grace of God it has turned out to be something huge and I have ALWAYS dreamt of doing something similar.
Like the little girl that collecting pennies have been able to donate over a million dollars. Like the pj's charity, like the lady that gave $100 every single day for a year to different charities (how awesome is that?!!), I just simply adore those types of people that proof that you can do anything if you have the desire and heart to do it.
But, I have the desire to do it and I think I have the heart too. Why haven't I done something like this?? What is stopping me? Or what am I letting get in the way? I have thought so much since I saw the show about what is keeping me from doing something big.
I mean, I have given the basket (if you have read my other blog then you know), I helped with Katrina, Haiti, I've gone on a Christmas shopping spree for 2 kids of a struggling mom, have made food for the less fortunate, have helped with school supplies for kids, and I am an adopted mom of a boy in Honduras, etc.. but I really want to do this on a regular basis not just during the the last months of the year. I want to go full force with this.
God knows that in no way shape or form I am trying to tell you what I have done or not done to help others to get ANY type of praise, ALL praises should go to God, I am just trying to get some ideas so if you have any PLEASE let me know. I would also love for lots of you to join me and maybe we can do something really HUGE together.
For now I have a little idea that I *know* everyone would love. It has to do with cookies and our awesome troops.
All I know is that I am going to ask God for guidance so that I dont lose focus, so that I do not let the everyday get in the way of what I have been wanting to do for years. Especially Cristian's school, that absorbs life out of me. So I need to pray a lot.
We have been so blessed and God has giving us so much that it feels like a must to me to do something more. So if you have any ideas please let me know. If you would like to write to me in details then email me.

I hope that everyone that reads this gets motivated to do something good, little or big on 2011.
God Bless

For now you can check out-- buy a pair of shoes for you (your kids or a friend) and they'll give a pair to a child. Loved this one.
And if you want a legit site check out


DomesticDiva said...

This is an awesome idea! For me it seams that every New Year I'm always making my list on how I am going to make MY life change for the better so my thought on this is how can we take part & make SOMEONE else day change for the better?! Maybe a few of us could group together and set goals for our self like maybe a monthly project of giving back starting with just someone in our community.. Monthly to me would be a good starting goal since we all have families and things going on! My 5 year old just sat down next to me on the sofa with his pillow pet & said "All it takes is one hug" He is so RIGHT!! We could even make our own goals (wouldn't have to be the same) As long as we shared with each other what each of us was working on.. That would be great motivation I think!

Dayami said...

Yes! I loved that! All it takes is a hug! I might use something similar for the name. Once a month project and different things is definitely a dream. AND if a few or lots of us can do it as a group that would be great!
So keep the ideas coming!!!
Ps my mind is spinning with all the ideas!!!
So happy!

Teri Berrios said...

It's the simple and small things that make such a BIG difference in life. What a great post Dayi. This reminds me of a personal story.....Last month while shopping for some long sleeve shirts at Walmart for my daughter, the lady in front of me had finished paying and on her way out she sees the ornament hooks and told her mother "OMG I forgot to get these" this time the lady had already started ringing my items up and she told her mom "I don't want to wait the line again" so I said to her "Give them to me" and she said "Oh you'll let me pay this really quick" and I said "NO, I'll pay for them don't worry" was only $1 but you know - I felt SOOOO good to do it. She thanked me 100 times and even when I walked outside, she thanked me again. The cash register was in shock and you know what meant the most to me.......I taught my daughter a valuable lesson. It truly is the little thing that make a difference and to put a smile on someone's face made my day!!!!! Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!!! God bless you always. Hugs, T

Stumpled said...

As one of your ten readers I would just like to say I too loose focus and am thankful! We are currently in a blizzard and it amazed me the way people work together here. I do feel thankful. On our way to pick up our daughter after work, 1 year younger than Mia, we stopped to push 3 people out of the snow. Others also stopped too! How wonderful is that! It also reminded me of paying it forward. I love standing in line at Subway or where ever and paying for the next person's meal. I do it for selfish reasons though, It makes ME feel good.

One reminder, I work in Social Services and the best thing that one can do for those in need is not to HELP them. We need to teach them how to be self-sufficient, how to succeed! Sometimes it is simply the lack of knowing how that gets in the way. The more time we put in, investing that time in people's lives is the most important 'help' we can provide. Giving a single mother whom has never had a job instruction on how to ace an interview, is the most important. Problem solving with them, like if their child care backs out, what will they do? KWIM? Time is the best investment in our society and yet such a limited commodity.

Eve said...

i feel the same with you...i need to give but something inside stops me...
I want to start giving...but i don't know how...

{I mean, I have given the basket (if you have read my other blog then you know)

which is your other blog?}