Thursday, November 4, 2010

This is why I cannot scrap...

I try to be a creative person every day but this is why I cannot scrap. I get interrupted by this *biatch* all the time! Help please!!! Can someone iChat with her??? LOL
BTW the other day I made a HUGE mess on my blog and now it is fixed, it was bad. So instead of putting a Fall theme I decided to jump right to the fun part: CHRISTMAS! yippie!!! One month is just not enough so Christmas has arrived at my blog :)
Hugs to all
PS BTW (again) I am soooo happy!!!! Thank you, Jesus!!!!
***Omgosh, no!! I was being sarcastic!! This girl is a friend of mine. She scraps too.***


GlendaLea said...
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Estamperlyn said...

omg I like the designed on your blog, very nice. Can you tell me what site it is. I promise I wont use the same one hehehe
Thanks sweetly