Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!

Soo after dropping off Cristian in school on Monday, Mia went grocery shopping for a few things we needed for our Thanksgiving.OnTuesday Cristian picked up 3awards in school and then came home to start our turkey.

He even had time to bake cookies!!! Delish :)
Thursday Cristian woke up early and started cooking the turkey at around 8:30am. Half way thru he covered the legs with foil so they would not get over cooked, aka BURNED!
We could not wait to taste our turkey, the house smelled so good. So we decided to put on a movie and wait for the chef to delight us with his Turkey with Herbes of Provence and Citrus recipe.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Debbie @ Simply Captivating Events said...

Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving, girl! Hope to see you soon. Are you going to the Ladies' breakfast next Saturday?

Heavenly Cakes said...

Hi Dayi's i was wondering if you still giving away all your clean up stuff.. i just started scrapbooking and i love it.. theres a lot of things that i would love to have but me and my husband have had it hard this year.. so i do what i can with what i have.. well hope u are still doing it and love you.. u rilly inspired me to craft tank you..