Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Black Friday!!!

Hi friends!! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and had at least half the fun I had, lol!! OMG, I was hilarious!!! I was 10pm at a Walmart not near my home waiting for my lime green Cricut! I laughed so much with my friend Annie and her hubby. Now I regret so much not taking a video w my iphone or taken the Flip, it would have been awesome to be able to post. Oh well, next year. Yes, I said next year because I KNOW that next year they'll come out with the hot pink one and I'll go again.
So aside from the 2 cartridges the lime green brings (Playtime & Cricut Classic font) I got the Jolly Holidays and the Twinkle Toes. They are super cute!!!
This year we have taken the loonnnngestttt to decorate for the holidays. Every year we are completely done by the 1st of week of November (including villages and all) but not this year. Okay, I'm off to buy a new and bigger tree for my son's room. He is so excited! This is my daughter's tree, its almost finished. I need more hooks to hang those balls that are left on the skirt. Speaking of skirts, that is my boy's tree skirt, I just have not found something that I love for her tree yet.
I have a blog for you girls (or boys) to check out is my friend Annie and it is go check out her room, it is sooo cute!!!!!!!!


diana creations said...

i went got my cartridge was kinda dissapointed they didnt have playtime and this morn try to use 50 percent off coupon joannas to buy a big pack of 320 scrapbook paper and they said i couldnt use it only on non sales items so kinda dissappointed today going to hobby lobby in a min hope i will find something lol

Amanda Villarreal said...

Thats awesome! I didnt go out because I hosted Thanksgiving and I was SOOOO tired (first timer and all) but my fiance offered to go for me! He snagged Jolly Holidays but Playtime was my number 1! I am so bummed it's only included with the new colored E's... however my fiance said I should buy it and sell my regular one, hmmm... since he suggested.... lol

Susie said...

My hubby went and got my lime green cricut at midnight. He forgot to get a Jolly Holidays Cricut cartridge, I have called every Wal-Mart around me and I can't find one now :(
I am like you, I will probably be buying another one next year if it's solid pink.

Scrappy Pink Corner said...

We surely did have a good time, but now that we look back we definitely missed out on video taping it. Next year for sure. Glad we were able to go and get what we wanted.

Teri Berrios said...

That is awesome!!! Ana told me you girls were going....maybe next year I can join the two of you :) Hugs, T