Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hello my blogger friends! Thanks for the super sweet comments/emails I've received and for all the well wishes, they mean so much to me :) so thank you very much!

This week I am soo going to work on Mia's Bday album. I have to email my friend so that I can finally put the order for Mia's professional albums, you know the ones that look like books? Well, those but with the thicker pages. I think they are called *coffee table books* or not? Not sure now. But I still want to make an album and these are the pics that I will be using so I figured that with my scheduling and Cristian's school and regular life I'll be done by 2014. So I am going to figure out what size of album I would want and go from there. I really wanted to make something other than 8.5x11 AND I sooo want to use my Bind-it-all machine. It's almost 2 years that I've hard it and it has never been used!!!
So I will be back this week and I want to make a video so lets see how that goes.
Have a great week!!!


Denise V said...

Wow! I am so happy to know that you are feeling a little better. With God in your heart within time you'll be brand new 100%.

I am so looking forward to your BEAUTIFUL talent.

Sharon said...

Great to hear your feeling much better!