Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cards for Kids...

These are the cards I've made (and some are not new) for Cards for Kids AND there are lots more coming soon because the ladies from my bible group are getting together and we are making more! Woohoo, so excited!!!
I am still making Mia's Birthday album, it's gonna take me a while! Although hubby goes on vacation tomorrow sooo I'll have a lot more time on my own in my studio.
This Saturday I have a super cute Christmas card class at 10am and if they are appropriate I'll send those too.
Has anyone done a card?? I hope you have and if you have not, you still can :)
I am not putting personal stuff in this blog but is not everyday that you get to go to a Steelers game, woohooo! This pic was taken when the game had not started yet. It rained for about 5 minutes, then stopped, it rained again for a few minutes and then stopped. It was super hot! We were on great seats and at the end zone and yes, this was the end zone where that weird play/call took place. I was THRILLED though, ha! Go Steelers!!!


Debbie said...

Yay! Can't wait!

Cricutjunkie said...

I was admiring your scraproom and wanted to know what color is on the walls. Please let me know
Thanks, Traci