Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Fall

Hi everyone! I've been lost, but it's a long story!! Lets just say that I almost ended in the hospital with severe pain in both my hands & arms AGAIN. I have been this whole year like this due to stress as some of you might know but the day that I took all those packages (goodies) to the Post Office was not a good one for me, I should not have done that but the 1st time the packages were sent by hubby they ended up coming to my house because he put the address in the wrong section. So they all came back. So another thing happened but that is a longer story so on that day I decided to go on my own. BIG MISTAKE!

I was without internet for daysssss, there was an outage that apparently was only affecting me, ha! I have been doing a few things in my studio but what I am really excited about is practicing my stamping and Copic coloring. I have soooo much to learn!!!!
Stamping relaxes me so much and of course the coloring is my favorite part. I am not a fan of embossing but I *think* is because the way I store my powders. I dont do the tupperware w spoon system, which is the easiest way. The thought of having the containers visible give me the chills and I live in Miami, ha! I'll have to see if I find a place for them and then I'll try it.

So anyway, I won a My Pink Stamper Stamp set at a chat and on Nichol's blog (my favorite) I also won 2-3 stamp packages from Basic Grey if I'm not mistaken. I cant wait to play with it.

Gonna start working on some Halloween goodie bags (using envelopes) for my son's class, really simple and super cute.

Have a great week!!!


Jessica Wekenman said...

Hey, Dayami! I love all the Halloween decor up on your blog! :) I'm sorry to hear your hands and arms are still bothering you...I hope you get some relief soon! Take care and congrats on your stamp prizes...have fun!!!

HappyExpressions said...

Congrats on your stamp winnings. Hope you feel better soon.

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Have fun practicing your coloring! Hope you feel better soon!

Sharon said...

Take care of yourself Dayami. Stress can kill anyone. Glad you're having fun with the Copics. I love them!

Beebeebabs said...

Soooo cute you did a great job. Hope your feeling better tfs!!!

Estamperlyn said...

Hey, Dayami, Sorry to hear about your hand, Stress stuck,I know. I have scleroderma and it affect a lot on my hand so I do know what pain is, but I don't let it stop me from doing what I love. Well depend on the pain lol. I love the copic but to expensive for my buget since I lost my job. So I have SU color wax pencil and I do a lot of shading with the sprite liquid. It's not the same but it work well. The only thing I love about the copic it have alcohol. I hope you feel better.

Denise said...

Dayami, I just found you on youtube. I saw maybe 6 or 7 of your video's. Mujer I love you. You're my new best friend. I've only been doing this for two years. I can't wait to see ALL your creations.

Denise V said...

Dayami I don't see you anywhere. Hope really really BUT REALLY hope you're getting better soon.

Jen said...

I love your work.... I love your craft room.... Your work is awesome!!
I just became your newest follower. I would love for you to stop by and visit my blog sometime.

Live Love and Scrap said...

Hey Beautiful =) I didnt know you were having issues with pain! I am so sorry and hope it gets better for you!!!
I cant believe I never signed up to follow your blog....GASP!!! I remember before I had a blog...your's was one of the first I found and I put it in my favorites...I am following now!!! i LOVE your scrapbook pages!!!

Hope you are feeeling better soon!