Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Hump Day...

Hi! Well, sure feels like a year has gone by...well, at least 6months!

I did 3 layouts and started a mini that I have no idea how to end it, not liking it and thinking about throwing it away but, oh no! All that Cosmo Cricket paper!!!

Anyway, these 3 layouts have a more detailed journaling in the back (I do that to all my layouts), especially the *sweet day* one. That is the day I became an American Citizen. I am *not* good using patriotic or primary colors so I printed the picture black and white and left the patriotism for the journaling in the back. If you ever read my main blog on this day you *know* how excited and stuff I was (I was soo pregnant too) so the journaling had to be looonngggg.
My son's layout is missing something on the green side. Not sure what it is but I'll figure it out one day and I'll add it then for now this layout is done and is already in an album. And the *love1another* is my favorite. I had to use the rose ribbon again. Here looks like the red color one but its actually the
*rose* color (just like the hearts) and it actually looks nicer irl.
So anyway, just wanted to post a little something. I'll be back full force when God decides I could :)


Jessica Wekenman said...

Oh Dayami, your LO's are beautiful! The Love 1 Another is my fave too! I love the die cut paper, and the ribbon is perfect! The picture is adorable as well!

Melissa said...

What gorgeous LO's! I adore your scrapping style! Congrats on becoming an American citizen!!!

Mari AKA Momo said...

So happy to see you back with some absolutely adorable layouts! I hope you will be back soon!!! XOXO Momo

Sharon said...

Hope you are doing better Dayami. The layouts are beautiful as always (and so are your kids!)