Sunday, June 20, 2010

Layout and Projects...

Hi bloggers! Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend/Father's Day.

Well, I am going back to "basics" for a while. I have been doing cards and little projects here and there but I do miss making pages.
So tonight I am in here and my plans are to print pictures so that I can continue to fill those albums I have.
I love to scrapbook. And I'm sure you can relate to that. Yesterday my boy didn't remember something he would do when he was about 3 years old and I was able to show him because of all the memories I have been able to document.
When was the last time you got one of your OLD albums and looked through it? It had been a while for me, and it just made me feel warm inside.
I do have a project I *need* to finish this week and then I'll be focusing on my layouts.

Another thing I want to do is re-organize my entire scraproom. I really want to bring everything down and off the shelves and re-do every little thing. I did some reorganization not too long ago but I think the best thing for me is to start from scratch. I need a weekend for that but meanwhile I can always start by organizing baskets and such. It'll be fun to do and you *know* that you get lots of mojo when you organize/re-organize your space, right? :)

This basket holds only Ki Memories stuff, I have a lot more than this from Ki because it is my very favorite company. So I want to be able to put every line together, etc.. I might need bigger baskets BUT I am 100% avoiding to buy any new containers/baskets, so I need to reaaally think about every thing so that I dont have to buy anything.

Anyway, I did these cards Friday. I went to
my local stamping store and got me the Hero Arts ink I wanted for my (also) Hero Arts cloud stamp (for an idea I have) and made this really fast owl card and the Monsters (Hero Arts) I did for a birthday boy.

Have an awesome day!


DoubleClick Connections said...

Love your owl card! I love reorganizing my space it reminds me of all my hidden treasures!

Craftaholic said...

I am just loving owlsHave fun organizing your scrap room!!! :)

crazyaboutcricut said...

What an awsome card! I also have to say that I really loved this post. I felt like I could have written it myself! It felt great to see that someone feels the same way I do :)

Dayami said...

Thank you, ladies! Love your comments :)

Nicole said...

Loving the owl card.. Great colors! SO stinken cute.. Awesome!!!

Sammye Jo said...

super fab cards!!!

Evelyn R Stamperly said...

Hey Dayami, I'm back from my vacation from DR. I see I miss the blog hop, but it wasn't to late to view all the blogs. Wow so much talented ladies. I love your owl card, as you might know from my late video I show two different ways using owl. My favor animals is Horse,Hummingbird, Owl, and Elephant. Well, if you happen to do another blog hop I love to participate. I don't use my cricut for cards, but I am willing to challenge my self to do so. TFS