Saturday, April 10, 2010


So today is all about Hero Arts stamps and the Cricut machine for me. I am using these blues & greens on ocean cards I'm making. Boy do I need to practice! ha!
And tonight I am thinking about literally taking everything off all my shelves and stuff and re-organize my studio. I have
(thank God!) so many things that I just have piles of stuff and I just cant function that way. So even if I dont get anything but the cleaning done tonight I'll be very happy.
And while I organize I will be printing lots of pics. I have lots of super cute photos, especially from Easter.
And tomorrow should be (w God's blessing) a lot of fun here 'cause hubby is working on his new fish tank and I should b able to do a few things in here too.
So I'd be back soon.
P.S. Look at this stamp. I've had this for a few years now and it is so adorable. And in case you are wondering it is by: Heidi Satterberg #80256 One Paw, Two Paws
P.S.S. I realized now that only need to organize the inks, embossing powders, stamps and Cricut stuff...not bad. I also learned that Hero Arts stamps apparently taste delicious. Check it out!


Damaris said...

Hee,hee,haa...SHE IS DELICIOS!!!! I am sure you will get all your stuffesses organized. You are really good at that. Can't wait to see what you create.

Ady said...

Cute cards... I'm in the process of purging too and it's so overwhelming but I hope to be finished soon and I can continue creating. It's funny because I start purging and than I want to create. LOL

Sharon said...

You know, she is smart because Hero Arts stamps ARE delicious! :)