Friday, April 2, 2010


I have been wanting to post a blog for days now, but havent had the time :(
I am supposed to be receiving some yumminess from OhMyCrafts today, cant wait! I am especially looking forward for the Just Because Cards cricut cartridge. **checked mailbox and goodies were there woohooo**
I have been wanting/wishing/hoping/praying to learn how to make super cute cards with the Cricut but I've found they are not as easy as I thought. I also want to learn how to color with Copics and I have been practicing a bit (my little princess takes my time and energy away, Thank Jesus she goes to sleep at 6:45pm 'til the next morning!) but I am determined to learn how to make cuties.
I also have some videos I've done on iMovie but I dont know why it takes sooooo long to post on youtube, I'm not gonna try tonight or this weekend to finally figure that out.

Anyway, gonna go back to create some goodies and open up the cartridge and I hope to love it :)
See ya soon :)


Carrie O said...

I love your card and layout. I love coloring with my Copic, if you haven't checked out Susan Dean's blog Scrapbiz yet you should check it out. She has great videos on Copic. Can't wait to see what else you create! Keep Positive - Carrie

Sharon said...

Can't wait to see your videos girl! COUNTING THE MINUTES!
Now you gotta tell me what you do to get your girl in bed by 6:45 and not up until the next day! I gotta learn the tricks for when mine is that big. What do you feed her? LOL
Love to see your posts as always!

Dayami said...

Thanks ladies!!!
Carrie, I will check out that blog. I am loving the HeroArts tutorials too.

Sharon, I told you long ago ROUTINE is the key word heheheh
Mia is been sleeping this early since she was around 2.5-3 months and she doesnt wake up until around 7:30-8am during the week w Cristian I have to wake her up but on the weekend she can go on 'til about 8:30am
It does help that she sleeps after lunch for about 30 min. and thats all the sleeping she does during the day BUT Cristian would sleep 2 hour nap and would still go to bed at 7:30pm 'til next morning.
Routine Routine Routine ;)

Ady said...

Your cards and layouts are adorable.. I gave up on the cricut. I like instant gratification and it was not working with me. I like punches so much more.

Dayami said...

Hi Ady!
Thank you!!! Im practicing :) I think I know what you mean about the Cricut, I would never ever use mine but I've learned to like it :) and I am having lots of fun with it now, go figure.
I am not a fan of punches, I much rather use stamps even though I dont like the mess and the cleaning of the stamps.
If you like punches go to:
she does lots of super cute stuff with punches.

Damaris said...

Adorable cards. So glad you are getting into the cricut...can't wait to see what you come up with.