Saturday, March 13, 2010

Beautiful Saturday Morning....

Well, energy is definitely coming back to me and Im so happy about that!!

I have been making videos again, I have not posted them because I have no idea why the HD and/or Medium/High option on youtube takes me forrreeevvverrrrr to upload. I used to upload my old videos very
fast. So now I need to learn how to do it with my Mac. I was able to upload them w the *small* option but the video quality is not that great and I did get a HD camera so that it could look good so I refuse to use the lowest option :P
I have done a few things lately...and I have been using CRICUT!!!! (clapping) YEAAAA. I ordered 4 more cartridges, havent gotten them yet because they are pre-ordered, but I did get Sweet Treats this week and I am so loving it. I made a super simple and cute ice-cream card and I used the KiMemories waffle cone pp from Pieces of Me, do you remember that paper? Anyway, I am starting to appreciate (and LOVE) the Cricut...the love was due considering I've had 2 cricuts and I hardly ever used them, ha!

I've done quite a few layouts of Mia, in fact somehow she has 3 8.5x11 albums completed woohooo! How did that happen??? I have lots and lots to do, just in her birthday pics I could be 6 months creating.

I have received a few emails asking me about my other blog, the main blog and as I mentioned a few posts ago will not be public for now, I am in that mood right now :( *BUT* I have taken more updated photos of my scraproom and I'll try to put them on the picture link on the side too because lots of scrappers keep telling me they dont see the room anymore, sorry, didnt think about that when I changed it to private.

I got the *green at heart* collection from Basic reminds me of Cristian, he is into all the
animals, insects, etc right now

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