Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The 1st pic is Mia's Christmas tree back in November. And in December I added more stuff, so you'll see the before and after. I also added the skirt which I hadnt find one that I liked...and I am still looking for the perfect one for her type of tree but this was the prettiest skirt I found. I'll try to find a girly, princess skirt for her next year and I will put this one on Cristian's tree.

I got a Pandora bracelet for Christmas, it was sort of the gift I gave to myself, ha! I need about 12 beads to finish (*this one*) it up but I will take my time choosing only the beads that really mean something to me or my family.
And here are more pics of Mia's Christmas tree now. It is even cuter irl. I had gotten the princesses last year when I was about to give birth at the Disney store and this year I went back and got some other ornaments and the Tinkerbell topper, the wings light up in different colors and its gorgeous...and I also got beautiful ornament balls (and my favorites, the lollipops) at Target. I even found Cindy Lou Whoo sooo cute!!

Christmas morning was so special for us, it was Mia's 1st Christmas and she was loving it! She learned how to say Santa weeks ago so it was lots of fun to see her excited at such young age. We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and then started opening presents. Santa Claus thought we were really good this year so he brought us lots of things from the North Pole and thank God our tree was full of beautiful goodies for the kids. Here are a few pics...
Santa also has a sense of humor and so he brought Rey soda, hot chocolate, Ghiradeli (sp?) chocolates...lol! Santa got Cristian lots of Wii games and more of the *special* remotes, Guitar Hero and lots and lots of Special Edition (and non special lol) LEGO Star Wars (he LOVES them) among other things...Mia got dolls and Minnie & Daisy and other stuff too...and Santa brought me the Apple computer I wanted YIIPPIIEEEE!!!! And other goodies such as the last season of Desperate Housewives heheheeh
Anyway, wishing everyone had a great Christmas and we wish you a very Happy New Year! Be Happy...and be you!


Sharon said...

Glad everyone got lots of goodies this year!

Damaris said...

The tree is more beautiful than when I saw it. Your house is Gorgeous...definitely one of my favs during the holiday season. So glad that everyone had a good holiday. Enjoy the Pandora...they were so popular this Christmas!!! (my husband saw you at the jewelers when he was buying me some charms for mine..lol)