Saturday, December 26, 2009


Ohgosh! It's been yearssss!! Well, it sure feels that way. Been very busy...but you already know that because Im sure I've said it on all my previous posts, ha!
Anyway on 2010 I *plan* on being more frequent on my blog. I realized that not only I miss it BUT it challenges me to be creative daily. I remember the days where I used to post almost every day on my *main blog* but those days I'm sure will come back soon...or so I hope.
I've gotten a few emails asking if I'm okay and that is very sweet of you, so thank you, and thank God I am, it's just w a baby and a 7 year old you pretty much dont have time for anything else.
But I am planning yummy things, giveaways, etc... so stay tuned.

Got tons and tons and TONS of new stuff that I have not been able to use!! and that drives me crazy! My favorite new gadget has got to be my new Mac computer, Santa brought that to me for being so good ;) If this baby doesn't inspired me to start posting again, then I dont know what will heheheh

So here is a little recap of things we've done, I'll be back with more pics of Christmas...and the kids' Christmas tree, Mia's tree is sooooo adorable!

PS Cristian got Silver Honor Roll award, Citizen Award (all effort 1 and conduct A) and Attendance award for 100% (3 years straight yippieee)


Ady said...

Great photos... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...

ABL said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas my friend! I'm jealous of the weather where you are! Although we just came in from skating in our back yard rink ;) lol May 2010 be your best year yet!!!