Friday, November 20, 2009

more random stuff...

The other day I changed the furniture around in my scraproom. I like it a lot better now. I put the computer/printer/scanner/camera & camcorder stuff/ and all that stuff right when you are coming in. This way there is a big space (the tiles in here are 18x18 so there are 4 tiles from where the computer chair is to my island) so that way hubby or son want to be in here with me there's plenty of space between us. If you look at the previous pics you'll see what I mean.

I have accumulated soooooo many (beautiful) things (and I thank God for that) but I dont have where to put my stuff anymore and this room is BIG. I am looking forward to the day I re-organize all the things in this room but it won't be right now, I'll leave that for when Mia starts school, ha!
I have been taking lots and lots of pics, too many, well, it's never too many. I am also 3 layouts away from finishing another album for Mia, yippie!!! Hey, little by little you can do hundreds, right?!
This is what I realized this morning, I have soooooo soooooo sooooo many embellishments but my layouts keep getting simpler and simpler and simpler. I know it's because of the time issue, I'll start loading them up again someday, ha!

I did a major lift. Dont know if you've read before but it's just so hard for me to lift a page and it is definitely not because I do not want to, when I want to lift something my intentions are to literally lift the whole thing but for some reason my own ideas are the ones that I do and kind of take over. So I've done very, very few lifts. But my Autumn Joy page came out pretty close to the original and I you'll see on the pic below.

My *Delish* layout looks prettier irl, I think this pic didnt do justice, I think I took it w my iphone. I wanted to do a layout w these pics so bad and of course these beautiful pattern papers by BG.
I'll be back with more layouts.
Thanks for stopping by ;)


Ady said...

She is definitely delish... The room looks great too...

Sharon said...

Very very cute. I showed my husband your room and he said, "boy that looks way more organized than yours!" LOL and he's always bragging to everyone about how organized my room is LOL I guess I just have too much stuff out, plus my room is tiny, but I got to see the things to use them :)
Love your room and the layouts. That BG paper collection is my favorite!

The6ofusinca said...

love the layouts and the re-arranging of your room! Thanks for sharing. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.


Dayami said...

Thank you ladies!!!