Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's chilly in Miami...

...actually for me is FREEZING! We needed it, we were having temps of 93 & 94 degrees.

So anywhooo, I have been creating and have lots of layouts to post but here are just a few. I have the others in my other computer and need to resize them but it's hard for me to sit on that computer without having to stand up 500xs and I *should* remember that everytime Im going to download the pics there and not here (laptop).
I went over at 2peas last night and I regreted it after because yes, I ordered more stuff. Not *alot* of things because I pressed that buy now button fast and refused to look at anything else.

It all started when I opened my email (bad email, bad!) and had 1 from 2peas (my favorite place) saying that an item I had requested (this beautiful clear stamp set by Inkadinkado) was in stock and on sale woohooo and when I clicked to go place it on my cart (for FUTURE buy) I saw...I saw... the new BASIC GREY!!!!! ohmySweet Jesus!!!!!! Why, Why did I check my email?!!! Have you seen that thing?? It is DELISH!!!!!

So in case you have not seen them yet, I have a few pics here for you. Look at these papers!!!

I got a few of the cupcake pp, It is one of my favorite patterns of all time, for sure!!! I can eat that paper. And look at the chipboard desserts, just beautiful! I also got the card kit. I got addicted to those after the Eskimo Kisses one I showed you on my previous post.
I also got the digital Card Shapes to use with my Cricut. Really cool stuff. I probably get the labels next time because I liked them alot too.

Here are a few of the layouts I did. The Krafts one looks much better irl, I guess because of the kraft paper and the opaque colors.
The *favorite* layout of my son was fun to make. I had been wanting to use these monster creatures for a while now. And I also took a picture of the back. I'm sure I've mentioned this before but I have always use the back of my layouts to write the long journals. Most of the time I write the journal in the back without thinking, just what I feel like writing in that moment and I've had to cross out stuff, fix typos, etc., but I dont mind, I see it more personal & real that way, I guess.

And this last one is simple but the nice thing about it is that hubby did the journaling himself.
Anywho, Hope you're all having a wonderful Sunday. God bless :)


Sharon said...

Loved the layouts girl...oh boy, I'm tempted to go to the 2peas store....wonder if I'll be able to contain myself!
I checked the video on my blog and it seems to work now :)

Trish said...

I love those BG papers, too!! I'm putting them in the next WIP kit...whee!! I'm sure you'll be whipping something up in no time, girlie...Hugs!