Thursday, July 23, 2009


I have been scrapbooking lately. I have some layouts that still need journaling but I rather take the little extra time to make a new one. Here is one of the layouts I did of Mia. It's simple...all my layouts lately seem to have that characteristic :) ***Edited the journaling- its supposed to be **dress** instead of **picture** ooops :)
Anyway, a girl on youtube asked me about the little white w pink drawers thingy I have and since I have been asked before I decided to show you what I do with that.

First this is made for the Quickkutz dies. The little knob goes to the bottom but if you flip the little box (knob down) then it will be like a really deep drawer. I use it for my little embellies.

I have tons and tons of those Jolee's from wayyyy back when but I refuse to throw them away, they make excellent embellies for cards and little thigns like that (pages too, of course) You may also use them for flowers, brads/eyelets, chips, etc...
Someone told me not too long ago that they were discontinued or they were going to, I still see them around though. 2PEAS has them and also so check it out. This product is called: QuicKutz - Magpie Nesting Storage System Kit and I know that had a great deal on the black/tin drawers. If you want the white/pink you would need to pay extra. Anyway, that is all the info I know about them.
And here is one of the layouts I finished. I used the Eva collection from *awesome* BasicGrey.
Speaking of that, I cannot wait to get my hands on the new stuff. I have a *huge* package coming from 2peas where I have some new stuff in there too. Sooo cute :)
Scrapbooking is VERY VERY VERY addictive so if you have been thinking about it...think it over and over and :) I would do it all over again though.
Have a great weekend :)

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