Saturday, March 21, 2009


Got this yumminess at Target, I am in love with these MM pattern and Ki has always been my very favorite scrapbook product. I have so many ideas with this Summer line, now all I need is lots of time and mojo...lots of mojo!
I have to admit that I am probably the only person in this country that started loving Target a couple of years ago. Yes, you heard/read right! Before 2006 Target never saw my face. Can you believe that?! I know I can not.
Anyway, I can get lost in the card/scrapbooking section. If I had tons of $ I would buy each and every single card, journaling notes, card set, notes set, etc...It really does make me happy.
Another thing I LOVE are the gift bags. I still have the bags from my son's baby shower, 1st bday, etc. If I see one that I really like I'll buy it and then I'll put it away on a plastic 3 drawer cart I have just for that.
So, I got these Easter cards for my family. The bunny is for Cristian (which I see a little too girly now but I love it), the egg basket one is for Rey & the pink glittery egg one is Mia's 1st Easter card. Isnt it gorgeous?!!
Started to do a page last night (typing this on Sunday) after the baby was sleeping and I am almost finished. I am using these beautiful Maya Road birds (have the owls too) I've had there for a while. I took them out of the box and omgosh, these are sooo cute. They didnt look that cute in the box ;)

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